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How to drive 2K 144Hz? The article makes you understand


Hi everyone, I'm posting this article today because lately more and more friends have been asking me to set up machines, and there has also been an increase in number of friends with different needs. More and more friends are gradually increasing configuration performance requirements, and display and screen requirements are also increasing. However, there are some friends who do not know exact balance between performance and price. They always say that they need 2-3 thousand sets of screens that can run at 144Hz, or that they need 144Hz for gaming. this article here to explain to everyone what configuration and specific details are needed by these 144hz.

First, what graphics card supports 4K? —— Just check and display.

Then what is this article about? —— The word "drive" itself has no meaning. What is a drive? How many frames are considered a disk? If 60 fps counts as driving, does a minimum special effect of 60 fps count as driving, or does a maximum special effect of 60 fps count as driving? If 60 frames of medium and high special effects is enough, is it 60 frames of medium and high special effects of Assassin's Creed Odyssey or 60 frames of maximum special effects of a 3D minesweeper?

Different frame rates, different games, and different levels of special effects place very different demands on graphics cards. What's point in saying "2K special effects require XXX graphics card"? Anyway, I play minesweeper and minesweeper 4K uses nuclear videotape which is very smooth.

2K 60Hz, compared with 1080P HZ monitors, load on graphics card has increased by more than 40%. This can be explained as follows: if you want to keep same special effects and frame rates, if you want to change from 1080P monitors to 2K monitors, your graphics card also needs to be increased by more than 40%, which is probably gap from GTX1066 to GTX1080! Compared to 1080P, 4K resolution (3840X2160 resolution) is 2.5 times higher, which means you need to change graphics card from GTX1066 to dual GTX1080ti to keep same special effects and frame rate.

The above pressure algorithm may not be correct.

However, at 2K resolution, not only does texture appear more delicate, but anti-aliasing level will show a better effect at 2K resolution. The most obvious is that there are fewer jagged lines at edge of texture. One thing to check, maybe it's my illusion.

The finer textures make visual enjoyment of same special effects much better in 2K than in 1080P. Even if special effects level is lowered (with lower graphics card requirements), 2K can still show much better than 1080P. Great user experience, which means we don't have to pay 178% of graphics card level to enjoy best gaming experience. It may be enough to simply replace GTX1066 with a GTX1070 to get better image quality and a 2K resolution experience.

The same is true for 4K, we don't need to increase graphics card performance by 2.5x because we don't need to maintain same level of special effects. But for those who need to use full special effects, they should not reduce any special effects, only dual channel RTX2080TI can solve this problem.

In addition, performance of graphics cards at different resolutions is also different. An obvious example is that although performance of RTX2080ti at 1080P is not much different from performance of GTX1080ti (which is why all estimates do not like to use 2080ti to run on behalf of performance of 1080P DX11 FSE), which is less than 3 times higher than GTX1066, but 4K performance of RTX2080ti is much higher than GTX1080ti (about 35%), more than 4 times higher than GTX1066.

Frame rate is easier to understand. Compared to 60Hz, 240Hz is 300% more demanding on graphics card, while 144Hz is 131.25% more demanding. Luckily, even if you have an XL 240HZ monitor, you don't have to keep your frame rate at 240 all time. Maybe 160-200 fluctuation is acceptable, so graphics card requirements are lowered again.

After reading explanation above, you probably know: in theory, how much better graphics card performance should be improved for 2K 4K 240Hz 144Hz compared to 1080P 60Hz. You may also know that we don't really need to improve performance of so many graphics cards in order to well support displays with better resolutions and higher refresh rates.

(Let's not discuss processor and memory, in fact they are also very important, but it is more troublesome to discuss them. Some games are sensitive to frequency of processor, some are not sensitive, some require a large amount of memory, some only need a high frequency. But video card is not affects game evenly and significantly, so it's better to discuss.)

1. FPS game

For PFS players, most important thing is frame rate. If you have a dual-channel RTX2080TI, you can of course turn on high special effects and enjoy 240 Hz without any problems. But question is, who has TM dual RTX2080TI? I'm afraid that most videosThe art is only at level of GTX1660, so to maintain a higher frame rate, it is enough to reduce special effects of game. As long as you drop special effects low enough, maybe even GTX1660super can bring 240hz chicken, do you believe that?

However, to maintain lowest FX of three extremes (which is most common setting) and keep frame rate around 200, I'm afraid you'll need at least a GTX1080ti. video card.

So, which cards can control and which can't? The question itself is meaningless.

Two. offline game

For offline games, 144 240 Hz is not critical, but I think it still makes sense to keep a stable frame rate close to 60 (sometimes dropping below 50 is acceptable, because this is only an offline game) . This article of mine explains why 60 fps is much smoother than 40 fps.

Another note: 30fps performance on a mainframe is completely different from 30fps performance on a desktop. The first is pretty smooth, more like a relatively average 30 fps, and second is stuck to death. with very uneven 30 fps. Finally, once again, DISS of those who say that they do not see difference between 30 and 60 frames is pure nonsense.

Assuming stable frame rates and close to 60 frames: At 1080P, Assassin's Creed Odyssey GTX1660super can open full-length + anti-aliasing and high character detail, at 2K, RTX2060 or higher is required. 4K did not try.

However, requirements for Assassin's Trusted Origin are much lower. The GTX1660 can provide high FX at 1080P, and GTX1660super can even take into account full FX directly, except for a few settings that take up a lot of graphics card resources and cannot be enabled. .

3. DOTA and other competitive games

Competitive games like DOTA are different. My understanding of DOTA is that you can't drop frames, and you need to maintain absolute 60 frames, or at least 58 frames. Because team fights are often time when load on graphics card is biggest. If frame rate drops below 50, it will obviously affect experience. We must make sure that minimum frame rate is close to 60. If frame rate is 50-70 fluctuations in stand-alone games are allowed, then in DOTA you need 58-78!

According to my test, at 2K resolution, GTX1050ti 4G can easily achieve full special effects and strictly support 60fps. At 1080P, a GTX950 2G or worse is sufficient. It's entirely possible that GTX1066 will likely be able to support stable 4K footage. from DOTA.

As for most fun Heroes of Storm, requirements are a little higher than DOTA, but GTX1050ti 4G still barely can support full 60fps special effect in 2K, and very few scenes go below 55. But really Heroes of Storm is very CPU demanding and if your U is good enough, it shouldn't be too hard for GTX1050ti to render full 2K special effects.

This introduces a new problem, CPU demand, we won't go into too much detail in this article, just a simple conclusion. The gap between 9900K and 9400F in average frame rate of game is not very large, and between different games gap can be 10-30%. A better processor can increase lower frame rate limit of game, meaning frame rate will be more stable.

4. Watching movies

Regular 720P and 1080P are suitable for main display, but real high-end players point out that main display is not enough, GTX780 or higher will do.

In general, for regular games like LOL, GTX1660super can meet 144Hz requirement, and high-end 3A masterpieces may require RTX2060 or even RTX2060super or higher graphics cards. Of course, if you have a lot of money, it is recommended to buy two RTX2080TI .

Again, again,

Whether he can drive a car or not depends on specific game and special effects! !

Stop asking if any card can carry 2K 144 at all. Low VFX and high VFX are completely different things in same game, and different games are completely different things. If you are still asking this question after reading full text, then I feel very tired.