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Rating of manufacturers of motherboards for computers

Rating of manufacturers of motherboards for computers

A computer motherboard is one of main components of a computer and an important part of a computer system. When shopping for a computer motherboard, there are various factors to consider, such as motherboard brand, performance, and features. Therefore, brands of motherboards that are able to achieve certain results in market often have excellent quality and performance. Next, from main brands of computer motherboards, we recommend a few brands that are worth buying.


ASUS is widely known for quality of its motherboards. ASUS motherboards are outstanding in terms of performance, using advanced technology and high quality materials, with excellent stability and reliability. The quality of ASUS accessories is also quite good, providing a high quality game experience for most PC gamers.

2. Gigabyte

GIGABYTE is a brand of computer motherboards with a long history, and motherboards from this company have always been in good demand. Gigabyte motherboards perform very well in terms of performance, power consumption, etc., and can meet a variety of usage needs. At same time, Gigabyte motherboard also has overclocking capabilities, which is very good for users who are looking for higher performance. What's more, Gigabyte's motherboards also have a price-performance advantage.

3. MSI

MSI is a computer brand from Taiwan whose motherboards are known all over world for their performance and quality. MSI motherboards are made of high quality materials, have excellent heat dissipation performance and stability, and can ensure long-term stable operation of users' computers. In addition, MSI motherboard has a very exquisite appearance and has become one of first choice of many gamers.

4. ASRock

ASRock is a computer brand from Taiwan. Its motherboards are renowned for their stability and economy. Although ASRock motherboards are not as luxurious as other brands, in terms of configuration, high quality components and fine manufacturing processes used in them ensure performance and stability of motherboards. In addition, ASRock motherboards are relatively affordable, making them a good choice for general consumers.

5. BenQ

BenQ is a world-famous electronics brand with a certain share of motherboard market. BenQ motherboards are of excellent workmanship and quality, which can ensure normal use of users. In addition, BenQ motherboards also have high requirements in terms of energy saving and environmental protection.environment, and there are certain advantages in field of environmental protection.

In general, motherboard brands recommended above are well known in market. Their products are relatively good in terms of performance, stability, quality and features and are trusted by most computer users. choose.