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Basic computer repair knowledge, steps to solve common computer problems


Friends who often use computers know that after using our computers for a long time, various failures can occur. This is usually computer software, in event of a system failure, computer hardware is usually not damaged. Some friends may know how to solve some problems, but there are still many friends who are new to computers and do not know how to solve them when they encounter computer crashes. Today I will tell you some common computer problems and their solutions for computer repair. .

Basic computer repair knowledge, steps to solve common computer problems

Common computer problems and computer repair solutions

1. What to do if your computer has a blue screen

1. Restart your computer directly. If a restart is not possible, you can only forcibly turn off power supply.

2. If memory module is defective, in most cases it is enough to erase memory module with an eraser or replace memory slot.

3.Maybe too little free disk space or too many junk files will affect computer's performance.We should clean junk files regularly, and next computer housekeeper can clean it up with one click.

4. The computer must be cleared in time to avoid the blue screen.

Basic computer repair knowledge, steps to solve common computer problems

Secondly, what to do if your computer is running slowly

1. Keep dust out of your case to improve cooling performance and speed up your computer

2. Check and destroy computer viruses and Trojan horses. Slow computer speed can be caused by a virus. You can download 360 or Kingsoft Antivirus or something similar. Anyway, there are a lot of free anti-virus programs now and effect is still good, as long as nothing very advanced virus.

3. Clean up your startup items and let your PC take fight with ease. Many programs will prompt you to start machine after installation. This must be closed, which seriously delays boot time.

3. What to do if computer often crashes

1. Press F8 at boot until more options appear, release, select "Last Good Configuration" and press Enter to restore. If it still doesn't work, you can only restore system or reinstall system. .

2. If this is caused by a hardware problem, it is recommended to plug and unplug graphics card and memory, clean memory in case, and polish golden fingers of graphics card and memory.

3. The computer has System Restore, "Start" / "Programs" / "Accessories" / "System Tools" / "System Restore", select recovery time during System Restore, and you can start recovery after confirmation.

Fourth, common sense laptop battery maintenance

To activate a new battery, when you first buy a laptop, you must first use up battery, then charge it once, and do this three times so that battery can be fully activated, which can effectively improve battery life. Reduce number of uses of battery, and it is better to disconnect battery when there is an external power supply.

Basic computer repair knowledge, steps to solve common computer problems

The above are common computer problems and computer repair solutions that editor has suggested for you in hopes of helping you.