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Reasons why there is no sound when connecting a desktop computer to the speaker and their solution


What should I do if there is no sound on my desktop computer? Recently, when user is working on a desktop computer, speaker is clearly connected, but when cable is connected, no sound can be heard, how to solve? I will share with you solution to problem of no sound on a desktop computer.

Reasons why there is no sound when connecting a desktop computer to the speaker and their solution
method one:

1. First, check if there are any problems with speaker. You can disable speaker and try it on another computer.

2. Check volume again. The small speaker on taskbar in lower right corner of computer desktop is sound control icon. may also cause computer to not play sound. If so, you can debug it yourself.

Method two:

1. If there is no sound control icon, it may be a driver problem. Open taskbar in lower left corner of computer desktop - Settings - Control Panel - Sound and audio devices, open command option, and sound and audio device properties dialog box will appear Check box, place icon volume on taskbar, and then select a sound type.

2.If there is no problem with speaker and small sound control speaker, then check if there is a problem with sound card. If there is a sound card in device manager, sound card circuitry of motherboard may be damaged and it needs to be repaired.

Method three:

If there is no sound control icon, no sound card in Device Manager, and no Sound and Audio Devices in Control Panel, downloading "Driver Wizard" will solve problem.

Method four:

If you're just not hearing sound when using a particular browser, you should consider whether it's a browser issue. Many browsers now have a mute feature. If you press browser's mute button, you will no longer hear sound on all web pages you view with that browser. Knowing reason, solution will be much easier, turn on sound option of browser.

Because browser is mentioned, IE needs to be mentioned. Being an old browser, it still retains a large number of user groups, and many browsers are also based on IE core. There is a media option in IE's advanced settings, one of which is controlling sound of web pages. If it is not checked, then all browsers based on IE core will not hear any sound. By default, of course, there is a checkmark, but just in case, it's better to check.