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What is basic computer knowledge? 4 Common Senses Newbies Need to Know!


In current age of Internet, computers occupy a significant part of our daily lives and work. For many people, it is already inseparable from computer every day. The use of computers for work and entertainment has become a necessity in our lives. So, what is basic introductory computer knowledge for a computer newbie?

What is basic computer knowledge? 4 Common Senses Newbies Need to Know!

First. What is computer configuration? How do I view

Computer configuration refers to information about computer's hardware, such as computer's processor model, hard drive capacity, and video card model.

How to view

1. Desktop View

Click My Computer property panel to check computer's system version, CPU model, and memory size; if you click "General Device Management", you can also check number of CPU cores, hard drive model and size, and optical drive configuration, etc.< /p>

2. Use system tools to view

Launch menu first, open accessories in program column, select system tools, and then click system information, user can view detailed configuration of their computer.

3. View Software

You can also download and install computer health tools such as Master Lu, Windows Optimization Master, Super Rabbit, etc. With these programs, you can view detailed computer configuration and perform a comprehensive assessment of its performance.

What is basic computer knowledge? 4 Common Senses Newbies Need to Know!

Second: what is an operating system?

An operating system is a program that manages computer's hardware and software. Most people today use a Microsoft Windows system on their computer. Windows system mainly includes Windows98, Windows2000, WindowsXP, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10 and other versions. At present, computer systems in market are mainly based on Windows 10, and now new computers are mainly installed with Windows 10 system, which is powerful, easy to operate, and relatively stable.

What is basic computer knowledge? 4 Common Senses Newbies Need to Know!

3. What do we often say about C, D, E and F drives?

Drives C, D, E, and F, which we commonly refer to, are actually hard disk partitions. Typically, desktop computers have only one hard drive, which currently ranges from 500 GB to 2 TB. C, D, E, Drives F refer to hard drives Partitions, these drives are independent of each other, have no influence and are useful for data storage Usually C drive is a system drive that mainly stores system files Better not to put other files .You can put your other discs at request of document.

Fourth: what is a removable drive?

Removable disk refers to a removable storage device that can make it easier for us to store and transfer data. Our general removable disk mainly includes: U disk, mobile phone memory, mobile hard disk, etc.

The above is an introduction to 4 common senses for beginners in basic computer knowledge presented by Xiaobian. These are the simplest and most important for beginners in computer knowledge. Only by understanding these basic fundamentals can we get in touch with computer knowledge. on a deeper level, time becomes comfortable.