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Basic computer knowledge for beginners


Learn computer skills and networking, computer components, installing and using office and other software, searching Internet, etc.; Finally, you can learn how to install an operating system, build and maintain a computer. Let's take a look at basics of computer fundamentals for beginners.

Basic computer knowledge for beginners

1. First of all, you need to understand computer. For desktops, you need to know host and display screen. For laptops, you need to know where power button is, where power jack is, mouse plug-in, and start button for wireless network card.

2. Understand composition of a computer, mainly including hardware system and software system. The hardware system includes CPU, memory, floppy drive, hard drive, CD drive, motherboard, various cards and host computer, monitor. , whole machine printer, plotter, modem, etc. The software system basically refers to operating system. In layman's terms, it controls operation of computer programs, and software system plays a vital role.

3.The motherboard is a platform for operation of various computer components. It tightly connects various components of computer, and each component transmits data through motherboard. That is, important "transport node" of computer is located on motherboard, and its working stability affects working stability of whole machine.

4. To understand resolution of a computer display, this is usually taken into account when buying a computer, which directly determines clarity of computer display. The resolution of monitor corresponds to size of Windows desktop. General settings: 640_480, 800_600, 1024_768, etc. Screen font resolution: PC font resolution is 96 dpi and Mac font resolution is 72 dpi.

5. The CPU is central processing unit, which is computing and control core of computer. Its function is mainly to interpret computer instructions and process data in computer software. The central processor consists of an arithmetic unit, a controller, a register, a cache memory and a data bus, control and state, which implement connection between them. As core of entire system, CPU is also supreme executive of entire system, which is why CPU has become main component that determines performance of a computer, and many users use it as a standard for evaluating the level of performance. computer.

Basic computer knowledge for beginners

The most important thing to learn how to work on keyboard, you must first learn how to type, while typing you need to bend your fingers and hang your wrists. Press and hold Ctrl+Shift to switch language and you will see change in lower right corner of desktop. When one finger presses a key, rest of fingers remain in place. Each finger must press a key within specified area and cannot be replaced by another. Don't put too much pressure on the keys, positioning certain fingers, etc.