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How to Learn Computer Basics 0 for Beginners

How to Learn Computer Basics 0 for Beginners

What to do for beginners who are new to computers? How can they learn to use computers? Below, editor has compiled a few methods for learning computers without basics for reference.

How to master a computer without basics? What skills?

How to learn a computer from scratch

1. To master a computer, you must first gain confidence. Computers are not complicated. Even if you have never touched a computer, as long as you want to learn, you can learn bit by bit.

2. Start with a mouse and keyboard. To master a computer, you must first learn how to use a mouse and keyboard. As long as you know how to use them, it doesn't matter if work is slow or not. You will become more and more proficient in your later learning.

3. Learn to use Internet. Having understood basic principles of mouse and keyboard, you should open browser that comes with system and view first web page. Open a web page to browse at will, click everywhere to explore, I believe you will fall in love with computer soon.

4. Learn to use search engines. Then you must learn how to use search engines such as Baidu, Bing and Sogou. Once you learn how to use a search engine, you can search for anything you want to know, and whole world will be right in front of you.

5. Install first software. Next, install software. You can install popular communication tools such as QQ and WeChat, you can also install iQiyi, Youku, etc. to watch online videos, and you can even install a better browser to improve your browsing experience. As long as you follow installation instructions, you can do it step by step.

6. Start your own journey. By following above steps, you have already caught a glimpse of magic of Internet. Then it's time to explore on your own. You can learn more about other parts of world or delve into basics of how computers work, it's up to you.

What are computer learning skills

1. Know how to search, do not ask others about everything

In this age of Internet, almost all questions can be answered online. We can say that with one Internet at hand, you can travel around world. In learning, everyone should be able to use search engines like Baidu, if you just type in a question and click to search, you can solve problem. In particular, in Baidu, almost all operations have detailed operation steps and videos, which is very convenient and can be explored at a glance. Of course, at work, many of your work problems can also be solved through search.

2. Can download, install and uninstall software

Computer software is a very powerful tool, and some professional programs can help us solve professional problems quickly. For example, Baidu Netdisk is aPrivate network cloud storage that is used to directly store certain files on network. As long as network is available, resources can be accessed at any time.

As far as computer software is concerned, we must learn how to install and use it. This is most basic skill. Of course, we should pay more attention to software downloads. We must learn how to download resources from official site. Random downloads can be infected with network viruses.

3. Know how to use Office programs

Office software is undeniably designed to work in office. After all, Office software is still a very powerful tool, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which can be seen as three magical weapons that solve almost all problems in office work. In case of mastering how to use it, it is more necessary to master skills of software so that you can get twice result with half effort.

4. Set up router and set up network

Personally, I think that networking is a basic skill that every computer operator should have. Why do you say that? Because network is most basic computing environment, without a network, you cannot enter Internet's door. Most users today use wireless routers, which are routers with wireless coverage features for users to access Internet.

Mastering settings of your router will greatly facilitate access to wireless Internet. Of course, you can also stop neighbor's old man from messing with your home Wi-Fi. For network setting of laptop terminal, this is last link to access Internet. You need to learn wireless/wired network access setting method, especially network for which you need to manually configure IP address.

5. Know how to use keyboard

It is recommended that you start practicing touch typing when you first get to know a computer. At work, I often find that many colleagues adhere to typical "two-finger zen." So-called "two-finger zen" is an action that uses fingers of left and right hands and looks at keyboard to type one of them. one.

6. Know basic keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase efficiency of your personal computer. Of course, you can also use this to show your godlike level of work in front of your girlfriend and flirt with girls easily.

The workplace is more than capable.