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How to choose a flash drive for a computer? Learn to spend less money


Computer memory is one of important components of a computer. It consists of particles of memory chips, printed circuit boards and golden fingers. Among them, memory particles directly determine cost of memory card, so its quality also affects performance of memory card. Currently, top three manufacturers of high performance memory are Micron, Samsung and Hynix. So, for a beginner who wants to play games, how to choose computer memory?

How to choose a flash drive for a computer? Learn to spend less money

1. Don't be attracted by looks

Currently, in order to enhance visual effect, many installers install lighting effects or paint a large amount of computer equipment, such as computer fans, and now many manufacturers have also added design and workmanship to memory card. , even And breathing light. But you can imagine that flash drives are all installed inside host, who else will watch it? When playing on a computer, you can only look at screen, how can you even look at case?

How to choose a flash drive for a computer? Learn to spend less money

2. Don't pay too much attention to frequency of memory module

If your computer configuration is very high-end, such as i7-8700k, and graphics card is GTX1080Ti, then you can use high-frequency memory, such as Zhi Qi Fan Ji 3600Mhz. But gamers like us, in general, are massive players, so it is recommended to use massive 2400/2666Mhz, because high-frequency memory for gaming experience is almost negligible. Therefore, for computers configured for public, leave money to upgrade video card.

How to choose a flash drive for a computer? Learn to spend less money

3. Don't buy cheap memory cards

When choosing memory cards, don't choose too cheap ones. Because memory cards can be recycled, performance and quality cannot be guaranteed after reinstalling cheats. Now Kingston and Corsair memory cards are available to everyone, and price of memory cards has decreased. Of course, if you choose a branded flash drive, quality is guaranteed.

4. Dual channel memory can be loaded

If your host machine supports dual-channel memory, try using dual-channel memory. After all, there are a lot of game programs now, and memory is easy to break. This not only doubles data reading speed, but also makes your computer run smoother.

The choice of computer memory should be based on your own needs. As long as it fits, it's not a DIY spirit. If budget allows, try to choose a first-class brand. Quality is more important than performance. in choice of accessories computer with unstable quality, even if performance is high, user experience is still very poor What do you think about choice of memory cards?