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How big is a computer flash drive? Bigger is better?

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The memory card is one of most important pieces of computer hardware. I think we love to play computer or game lovers. Friends will not feel like strangers. The main function of a memory card in a computer is function of memory and loading, larger memory card, better, and larger memory card, faster computer?

Here I will talk about knowledge. Actually, a high-quality, high-speed computer cannot be obtained with certain hardware. A good computer with excellent performance is necessary to rely on comprehensive performance. When choosing size of a memory card, we must take into account performance of processor and video card. You cannot rely on memory card alone.

However, according to current software and games on market, a regular 8G memory card is sufficient. If you have an 8th gen I5 processor or a complete I7 ​​series, best card combination would be 8G+4G or 8G+8G, actually 16G is quite extravagant and enough, many people use 32G is a waste of time we don't use that much memory at all in normal use, just looks handy and works on our minds.

How big is a computer flash drive? Bigger is better?

A comprehensive analysis of computer's memory configuration shows that 4G memory is enough for low-end office computers, and 8G is enough for mid-range gaming computers that can play games such as Dungeon, League of Legends and Cross Fire. eat chicken and other large-scale online games, state-of-the-art computer with 32GB memory card, mainly for drawing and video editing and other needs.

How big is a computer flash drive? Bigger is better?

In short, a computer's memory card does not depend on bigger is better, but on best reasonable combination that is economical and practical. Everyone knows this truth. Does it make sense to use 16G memory cards for your latest Pentium processor, or latest? I7-8700 U memory uses 4G or 8G, do you feel sorry for your U? A computer with good performance needs a reasonable combination of hardware, whether it's speed or overall performance rating, it will meet your ideal requirements.