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Computer knowledge is a must!


Mastering some computer skills can make our computer work more efficient and effective. In particular, use of some keyboard shortcuts can make our computer operations more efficient. Below are some commonly used computer skills. I hope that after reading, you can turn on your computer, act according to article, and feel comfortable. If you liked this article, don't forget to click nice button at end of article!

1. Ctrl+Shift+T

Quickly restore closed web pages. If you accidentally close a web page, do you know how to get it back? Remember, just press Ctrl+Shift+T to open it. immediately Just close page

2, Ctrl+Z

Recovery of accidentally deleted text. Many people should know that Ctrl+Z keyboard shortcut is undo function, but what you might not know is that after saving accidentally deleted content in Office, Ctrl key + Z key Undo key still works! And if recycle bin has not been emptied, Ctrl+Z also applies to accidentally deleted files in recycle bin.

3. Alt+Tab

Switching between multiple tabs: Applications with multiple tabs (such as browsers and other applications) want to quickly switch between these tabs; using Ctrl+Tab is simple and convenient, and method is to quickly switch current program Use Alt + Tab key (press and hold ALT, press TAB) to quickly switch to selected program.

4, Ctrl+W

Quick close page: when you go to work and look at something other than office work, suddenly your boss comes and doesn't want you to see it and wants to close page, don't be afraid press Ctrl+W strong>Close page in one second.

5, Windows+D

Quickly return to desktop: when you are browsing some hidden web pages, someone will suddenly come to you; at this time, remember to use Windows key + D key; you can immediately switch back to desktop.


Auto lock screen: When we want to temporarily log out of computer, press and hold Windows key + L key at same time, and computer will automatically lock screen, no need to log out. , turn it off and no longer need to be afraid of someone else's intervention in computer.

7, windows+R+enter psr.exe and press Enter

Screen recording. What you may not know is that Windows has its own recording feature, and then press windows+R, type psr.exe, and press Enter to record screen.

8, image batch number

When we want to export many images, because a large number is not conducive to management, in fact computer system offers a solution:

1) Rename in batches;

2) Select all images you want to rename;

3) Right click and select "Rename";

4) Rename one of files;

5) After entering, the system will automatically number.

9, Win+R type "charmap"

Special character input:,! Do you know how to enter these characters? Today I will teach you a simple and practical method - character map. Win + R and type "charmap" to call it, find desired character; select copy and you're good to go!