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Must Read, Top 10 Mistakes When Installing a Computer, How Many Times Have You Had It?


People always have a lot of misunderstandings in process of installing and buying computers. These misunderstandings will lead you down many wrong paths. Today I will list ten major misunderstandings about installing computers. Hope this helps you!

Must Read, Top 10 Mistakes When Installing a Computer, How Many Times Have You Had It?

Myth 1. The more cores, better

The CPU and graphics card are different. The higher class of video card, performance will not decrease, but it's not processor. Currently, many games do not support multi-threading optimization, and situation "the more main threads, slower game speed" may appear.

From single-core to dual-core to quad-core, performance of game increases at same time, but when number of cores exceeds a certain critical point, more cores, slower speed, so following wonders appear:

The higher processor, slower speed!

The more processor cores, lower speed!

Spending a lot of money, it turns out that "the more expensive console, slower game works", this is really a loss for lady!

It's not sensational that a computer with an ultra-high configuration will be slower in playing games. In real life, we will face a similar situation: on same road, a Ferrari can only accelerate to 20 km/h, while more than 100,000 SUVs can accelerate to 60 km/h. many potholes, lack of support for low chassis sports cars, while high chassis SUVs have more advantages.

Currently, this threshold is 8 cores, but some games start at 6 cores.

8-core is not necessarily better than 6-core. Games like Assassin's Creed Origin and Civilization 6 better support multi-core processors. The performance of an 8-core processor is higher than that of a 6-core one. 8% higher, but in most games, 8-core and 6-core are almost same, and in some games, speed of using 8-core is lower than that of 6-core. Therefore, when we buy a computer, we should not be superstitious that more cores, faster speed.

Misconception 2: AMD is not as good as Intel

You could say that before Ryzen, AMD processors like bulldozers and road rollers were terrible, but Ryzen has changed balance. The current second generation of Ryzen is on par with Intel in terms of manufacturing process. and performance. , temperature control is even better. So why do most people still recommend Intel processors? You can read third article of this push.

Misconception 3: (the most common mistake!) Big boards are more stable than small ones

This is a very absurd statement, and is purely subjective non-expert speculation. Some people use inexpensive small boards to compare luxury large boards, so they conclude that "small boards shrink." The question is, why not use luxury small boards to compare normal large boards? The main products of ASUS and Gigabyte, international first-tier manufacturers, are small boards, and sales volume is much higher than that of large boards. Just imagine, EUIf boards are unstable just because they are small, will ASUS and Gigabyte still make small boards? If seller strongly recommends billboard, it is most likely due to high profit margin of billboard. If material and workmanship of large and small boards are same, there is no difference in stability. The difference is that large board needs 2-3 more PCI slots. This PCI slot is used to insert TV cards, capture cards, and high-quality sound cards. Customers will not use it, and many small boards also provide one that can fully meet demand. 99.9% of customers should prefer small boards, which are much more cost effective than large boards.

Myth 4: High-end motherboards are faster than low-end motherboards

This should be discussed on a case-by-case basis, not absolutely. It depends on situation, in case of no overclocking, AMD Ryzen processor with X depends on motherboard, and some turbo frequencies will be higher (but spread is small), but intel is same!

For example: Z370 motherboard is faster than B360. This misconception is common among beginners. It seems that speed of a 1000 yuan motherboard is higher than that of a 500 yuan. This is a typical "psychological effect". For example, there was a piece of clothing that originally cost 100, but it hadn't been on sale for a long time. The store owner had an idea and changed it to: "999 yuan, 30% off first-class items." and it was immediately sold out. The performance gap between high-end and low-end without overclocking is not very small, but there is no difference. Like Z370 and H310, biggest difference is scalability and overclocking. If processor is same, then there is no difference. If you use i7-8700 with H310 motherboard, which is cheaper than B360, its speed is no different from that of Z370 motherboard, which costs more than 1000. Are you surprised?

Notes: The performance degradation of Intel processors caused by low-end motherboards occurred on some brand machines 10 years ago. The memory specifications are 667, and performance of Mirage 3 integrated graphics core is also weaker than that of G31 X3100. In this case, even if CPU, memory, hard disk and graphics card are same, performance will be reduced, but this situation is no longer present.

Misconception 5: Processors with same performance are cheap and cost-effective

Because AMD and Intel processors can only be matched with their own motherboards, comparison needs to calculate price [CPU + compatible motherboard] together to determine. For a simple example, there are two AB CPUs, both of which are manufactured in 14nm process (this condition cannot be less), performance is similar, A costs 1200 yuan, B costs 1100 yuan, it seems that B is cost-effective, but A only needs buy a motherboard for 400 yuanth. to adapt, while B needs to buy a motherboard for 700 yuan to adapt In fact, A is more cost-effective. Although this is a simple mathematical calculation, it often leads Xiaobai to misunderstanding.

Misconception 6: Independent graphics are better than integrated graphics

Many people want a dedicated graphics card when they install a computer, and installer is also happy with it. If it's compatible, multiple graphics cards can fetch tens of dollars more. Why not do it?

Therefore appeared: i5-7500+GT720 2G independent display abnormal configuration, performance of HD530 display core embedded in i5-7500 processor exceeds GT710 independent display, if you add a graphics card, not only performance drop, but also more than 200 yuan will be wasted. Only speculators will do this to please customers who do not understand and love "independent display". There is no difference between installing such a machine and kneeling for money! ! However, similar configurations still appear in some brands of machines, which is really puzzling, because technicians of international brand manufacturers do not understand? It seems not, so no need to criticize here in radical language, while you are reading this article, you cannot buy this type of model.

Misconception 7: more video memory, better, a 256-bit video card is faster than a 128-bit one

Because vast majority of consumers don't understand this, many manufacturers are also putting 2G/4G video memory on low-end graphics cards, which is no different than buying a sports car in pursuit of more tires. Just remember that speed of a video card is mainly determined by graphics processing unit (GPU) of video card, followed by core frequency and video memory, and finally video memory bandwidth.

256 bits is not necessarily faster than 128 bits. A few years ago, a customer wanted to buy a video card for about 1000 yuan, he was not satisfied with 128-bit video memory of GTX750Ti, and he stubbornly bought obsolete HD6850 because 256-bit is faster, which makes people laugh and cry. You know, GTX750Ti is much outperforms HD6850, and latter consumes a lot of power. Never buy an old card for a 256-bit card.

Myth 8: The more powerful power supply, better

A power supply can be divided into maximum power and rated power. If a power supply is only marked "maximum power" and "peak power" without "rated power", then you can be sure that it is a low-power power supply and cannot be used under load .Extended offline mode. In addition, some second and third tier brands are prone to false wattage ratings, such as 270W rated power being labeled 300W. In addition, rated power isshould be too large. For example, for i5-7500+GTX1060, it is reasonable to choose rated power of 400-500W. You can also use rated power of 600W or more, but it will cost more and reduce cost efficiency. In addition, 400W rating of first Great Wall brand is obviously better than 500W rating of another brand that costs more than 100 yuan.

Myth 9: i5 should be better than i3

Is i5 necessarily better than i3? i7 is necessarily better than i5, not necessarily. For example, i3-8100 is faster than old model i5-7400. When buying a computer, you need to buy latest platform. Although old model looks cheap, it's easy to buy refurbished and used products. The latest models don't need to worry about such a problem as B360 motherboard, there is no need to buy second-hand. Currently, 8th generation Core is already mainstream, so try to avoid choosing older models with computers.

Myth ten: Water cooling is better than air

Water and air cooling are not absolutely best, each has its own advantages. However, since water cooling is much more profitable than air cooling, salespeople will say that water cooling is better than air cooling. Any lie can be told for profit. Air cooling technology is very mature and more economical, suitable for 90% of customers. The effect of 100 yuan air cooling and over 200 yuan water cooling is almost same. However, water cooling also has its advantages: in long-distance delivery, bulky air cooling may fall off when transported abruptly, but water cooling will not face this problem due to its low center. Some sellers strongly recommend water cooling, mainly because of profit, 100 yuan profit for air cooling is only 10-20 yuan, and for ordinary water cooling, it is normal to earn tens or hundreds of dollars.

Note. Since i7 8700K processor generates a lot of heat, it should be suppressed with a dual-sink cooling system to improve performance when working in a high-load environment, such as long-term rendering.

The above is due to some misunderstandings during installation process, I hope this helps you!