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How to select a system when turning on a dual system computer? Method for configuring the boot system selection menu


Some people install dual systems on their computers, such as Win10 and Win7, but many users who have installed dual systems report that they cannot choose to log on to Win10 or Win7 at startup. How to solve this problem. ? How do I set up a dual system computer so that system input is selected at startup? This article will introduce you to specific method of operating system boot selection menu of a dual-system computer.

First: Install Win7 first, then install Win10.

1. First, repair Win7/Win10 Dual System Boot Menu (it can be repaired automatically using BCDautofix Dual System Boot Menu Repair tool).

2. Then boot into a Win10 system, press Win + R key combination to open Run dialog, type "msconfig" in it, confirm, open System Configuration window, and switch to Boot. " tab. As shown in picture:

3. Select system you want to start as default, then "Set Default" and then set "Timeout" to 3-5 seconds, which is time to display dual system boot menu. Then "OK" to close window.

PS: Uncheck Secure Boot in screenshot.

4. Finally, disable "Fast Startup" feature of Win10.

Second: Install Win10 first, then install Win7.

This is a very simple situation: just set Win10 as default startup item in System Configuration window mentioned above, and then disable Win10 Fast Startup feature.