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Win7 system computer black boot screen only showing mouse solution


What should I do if screen is black and only a mouse is displayed after I turn on my Win7 computer? What kind of black screen and only a mouse after turning on computer? This article will guide you on how to solve problem that only mouse is displayed on a black screen when you turn on computer in a Win7 system.

Win7 system computer black boot screen only showing mouse solution

Method 1:

If system startup speed is slow due to too many startup items, we can only wait until we log in to remove and clean up some unnecessary or rarely used useless programs.

Method 2:

Some people won't be able to login after waiting N for a long time, so you can try pressing "CTRL+SHIFT+ESC" to see if you can bring up task manager, and if so, end explorer in progress. exe and then run Explorer.exe to try and see if it can log in.

Third way:

Press F8 key after turning on computer, and then select Last Known Good Configuration from advanced system menu.

Method 4:

Press F8 to enter Safe Mode. If it's due to something installed that makes it impossible to run normally, that should resolve issue if you reverse operation or optimize all aspects in safe mode.

Fifth way:

Also, if this is due to a driver issue, enter Safe Mode to uninstall driver to enter Normal Mode to resolve issue.

Method six:

Still in safe mode, but to use System Restore, simply restore to latest restore point.