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Computer black screen can't start solving strategy


1. After updating computer, screen turns black and power light is constantly on

Phenomena: After computer upgraded memory and hard disk, when computer is turned on, there is no movement, power indicator is on, but computer cannot be started. After replacing memory, problem still cannot be repaired.

Decision. When this kind of error occurs, we should first check if memory module is installed securely, and then check compatibility between memory module and motherboard. The specific steps are as follows:

1. First, insert memory card again and check if problem is fixed after downloading.

2. If problem persists, clean memory slot on main board, use golden finger of memory rubber, and then turn on computer to try again. If boot screen appears at this time, it means that memory module is not making good contact with memory slot.

3. If memory card and video card are installed securely, then check memory card one by one, and then try turning it on if problem disappears. This shows that there is a problem with original memory card, just replace it with a new one.

Computer black screen can't start solving strategy

2. After pressing restart button, display turns black

Phenomena: When computer's CD-ROM drive reads disc, CD-ROM fails due to poor CD-ROM quality. After pressing reset button, display remains black.


According to analysis of fault, it may be related to connection line of hot start reset button. In addition, it can also be caused by issues such as loose display signal cables and CPU overheating. First check problem with Reset hot start button and its connecting wire, and then check problem of overheating of processor and other accessories. The specific method is as follows:

1. First check restart button on chassis and find that restart button has no flexibility and does not automatically return when pressed.

2. Disconnect reset button and then short power switch on motherboard.

3. The computer cannot start normally. After removing reset button, it turned out that reset button spring was broken. After replacing reset button spring, button returned to normal. Try turning it on and problem is solved.

3. After loading, display is black, power indicator blinks and then turns off, it is impossible to start

According to analysis of fault, it may be caused by a shutdown signal received after starting computer, or absence of start conditions on main board, such as a problem in power supply of CUP of main board, a short circuit on main board. First check if there is a problem with power button and connection cable, and then check ATX power supply and motherboard. The specific operation looks like this:

1. First check host power button and find that button is not flexible.

2. Then open main box, disconnect power button connection and restart computer button connection, and then short-circuit main board power switch, computer can start normally, indicating that computer main board and ATX power supply is not a problem.

3. Check computer switch spring and find that spring is useless. After pressing it, sometimes it will bounce slowly after a while, so main board will turn off immediately after turning on power switch. After repairing power switch, turn on computer for testing.