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What should I do if computer monitor screen changes color? Solution for Abnormal Computer Screen Color


What should I do if my computer screen changes color? Computer screen color is not normal, how to solve? Is screen broken? Next, causes and solutions for computer screen discoloration will be presented.

What should I do if computer monitor screen changes color? Solution for Abnormal Computer Screen Color
First possibility: video card is getting old

The integrated graphics card is most likely causing computer screen to become discolored in this way, with screen turning either purple or blue. Some old PCI video cards are also like this, it is recommended to replace video card.

Second situation: caused by a bad contact of transistor on main display board

Discoloration of computer screen can be solved by soldering it.

Third case: display shows transformation of three primary colors

That is, when there is no signal, different colors are constantly changing. This is factory mode of machine. The way to exit factory mode is different for each monitor, so it's best to call and ask supplier at this time. It is suggested that screen cable may be relatively large and connection unreliable. Then check display software to check your display. If display is OK, reinstall graphics card driver and check connection cable between your display and host computer Tighten top and bottom nuts, and problem is solved.

Situation 4: graphics card overheating causes crash

Because a video card chip generates a lot of heat during operation, it needs better conditions for heat dissipation. If cooling fan is damaged, graphics card will overheat and not work properly. Graphics card overheating failures usually cause system instability, crashes, screen blur, and other glitches. If video card is overheating, simply replace cooling fan.

Fifth situation: A video card driver failure usually causes system instability, crashes, screen blur, video card incomplete text and images, etc.

Video card driver failure mainly includes loss of video card driver, video card driver and system incompatibility, video card driver corruption, and failure to install video card driver. In event of a video card driver failure, generally go to "Device Manager" first to check if video card driver is there, if not, just reinstall it. If yes, but there is a "!" in video card driver, it means that video card driver is not installed correctly, driver version is incorrect, driver is not compatible with system, etc. Generally, uninstall video card driver and reinstall it. If after installation it is still " !", you can download new version of driver and install it. If video card driver fails to install, problem is usually with driver or with registry.

Situation six: display is magnetized and usually has colored spots

The reason for magnetization of display is mainly that display is near magnetic objects, or after moving display, deflection coil in machine is displaced, or degaussing circuit is damaged. If display is magnetized, it can be demagnetized using degaussing function of display itself. Remedy: open function menu of display, then select degaussing option, and perform degaussing, and then hear sound "clapkaā€¯ on display and display screen shakes violently, and then degaussing is completed.