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What should I do if my computer has a blue screen? Learn these methods to easily recover your blue screen computer!


Now more and more people have their own computers, because they do not know relationship between maintenance, they often encounter blue screens or computer drivers when using computers, why do computers have blue screen drivers? How to solve computer blue screen driver? Below I will share with you some effective solutions!

What should I do if my computer has a blue screen? Learn these methods to easily recover your blue screen computer!

First of all: computer blue screen caused by excessive overclocking

We can explain cause of blue screen from both soft side and hard side. From a hardware point of view, overclocking is main cause of blue screens. Overclocking due to overloaded calculations causes too many internal calculations, overheats CPU, and causes system calculation errors. If you want to overclock without blue screen, you need to take heat dissipation measures, it would be much better to replace a powerful fan and add heat dissipation materials such as silica gel. Also, an appropriate amount of overclocking or no overclocking at all is also one of solutions. Whether you want stability or higher speed depends on your own choice. However, most of our friends don't overclock at all, so it's not practical for most of them.

Second: Bad contact of memory card or memory corruption leads to a blue screen of computer

In real work, most common occurrence of a computer blue screen is a bad memory card contact (mainly due to too much dust inside computer, which often happens in older computers) and a computer blue screen. caused by hard drive failure. Of course, if computer's memory card fails, computer's blue screen will also appear.


Since most blue screen errors caused by memory are caused by too much dust inside or poor contact, solution is also very simple. You only need to open computer case, pull out memory card, clean slot and wipe it. Clean golden finger of flash drive and put it back in, general problem can be solved. If problem persists, it is determined that memory is bad and problem can be solved by replacing memory module.

What should I do if my computer has a blue screen? Learn these methods to easily recover your blue screen computer!

Third, if your computer system has just been installed, it's best to use driver on gift CD to install hardware when you download driver, because incompatibility between driver and hardware can cause a blue screen! If computer has been used for a while and there was no blue screen, but suddenly one day a blue screen appears, your computer may have too much dust, it's time to clean it. It can also be caused by an incompatibility between software you downloaded and computer system.

Decision. You can uninstall recently downloaded software and check if blue screen still appears.

4. Too high internal temperature of computer hardware is also a common cause of blue screen of computer. If you find that computer has a blue screen, and internal temperature of computer is high, you may be able to equipment at this time. Or temperature of hard disk is very high, then poor heat dissipation is probably causing blue screen of computer.

Resolution: If this is caused by CPU or graphics card temperature, turn on computer and check if CPU fan and graphics card fan are working properly. Faulty and needs to be replaced.

5. Hard drive failure and computer blue screen

Hard drive problems often cause computer blue screens, such as bad sectors on hard drive, and errors while reading data from computer cause blue screens, because hard drive, like memory, performs some data access operations . Bad sectors in area where file is located can also cause system to not be able to work properly, crash system, and cause computer to blue screen.


Check for bad sectors on your hard drive. If your hard drive has many bad sectors, it is recommended that you back up your data and replace hard drive. If there are relatively few bad ones, it is recommended to back up data and reformat disk partition. Friends who understand computer hard drives can also isolate bad area of ​​the hard disk. Then reinstall your system to resolve issue.

What should I do if my computer has a blue screen? Learn these methods to easily recover your blue screen computer!

6. The installed software is incompatible and causes a blue screen of computer

If computer starts working well and blue screen of computer often appears shortly after installing certain software one day, most of these problems are caused by software incompatibilities, but such computer software incompatibilities are generally rare. .


If you are sure that your computer is working properly before you start, but after installing certain software you often get a blue screen of your computer, you can try to uninstall software that was installed later. If problem is resolved, blue screen of computer is usually caused by a software incompatibility. If this is not resolved, blue screen of computer may be due to other causes.

7. The registry stores important data such as Windows hardware configuration, applications, and user data. If registry is incorrect or corrupted, this usually causes a blue screen crash

Decision. Start your computer in safe mode first, and then restart it in normal mode. If blue screen issue still exists, restoring registry using a registry backup file from before crash might resolve blue screen issue. If there is no registry, just reinstall system.

What should I do if my computer has a blue screen? Learn these methods to easily recover your blue screen computer!

Eight, a few tips on how to prevent a computer blue screen

①Close temporarily unused programs in a timely manner ②Reduce unnecessary font files ③Delete unnecessary Dll files ④Organize and optimize registry ⑤Maintain system frequently ⑥Expand virtual memory ⑦Reduce desktop shortcuts and normal, unused ones Regularly clean Start menu ⑧Delete running "scheduled tasks" ⑨In a graphical environment Windows does not need to download MS-DOS sound card driver ⑩Pay attention to hacker programs such as Trojan horses

9. Common Blue Screen Codes

1.0x0000007E, code 0x0000008E

The codes 0x0000007E and 0x0000008E that appear on your computer are mostly caused by a Trojan virus. Press F8 to enter Safe Mode or Last Good Configuration. After logging into computer desktop, use your antivirus software to check and repair your computer, and then restart it.

There may also be a problem with memory module. You can try to reinstall memory module, wipe gold finger, and then install.

Code 2.0x0000007B

The code 0x0000007B on a computer is related to hard drive, mostly due to a configuration issue or hard drive boot partition error caused by a virus; you can try changing hard drive mode in BIOS to IDE compatible mode. Or press F8 after turning on computer and select last reconfiguration. There are no problems at all. If you can’t restore, reinstall system.

Code 3.0x0000000A

The code 0x0000000A appears on computer, which is mainly caused by installation of incompatible drivers and software. It is recommended that you reboot, press F8, and then select Last Known Good Configuration or Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking to boot to desktop, and then uninstall newly added driver or software

4.0x00000050 code

The code 0x00000050 on a computer mostly indicates a hardware problem. This is most likely caused by too many bad sectors on hard drive. It is recommended to replace hard drive

Code 5.0X000000D1

The code 0X000000D1 appears on computer, which is mainly due to a driver problem

It is recommended to uninstall driver and go to computer manufacturer's official website to download appropriate driver

Code 6.0X0000007F

When code 0X0000007F appears on your computer, it is usually caused by a hardware failure. Check MICROSOFT Hardware Compatibility List to ensure that all hardware and drivers are compatible with Windows. This problem can occur if computer motherboard is not compatible, just remove any new installed hardware.

Code 7.0x00000058

The code 0X00000058 appears on computer. Usually reason is failure of one andfrom primary disks in failover set. Start computer with WINDOWS installation disk by booting from mirrored second system disk. How to edit BOOT. INI file to point to mirror driver manual, you can search "EDITARCPATH" on MICROSOFT support website.

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