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What should I do if my computer screen keeps flickering? Solution for computer screen flickering


What should I do if my computer screen is flickering? While using computer monitor, screen flickers sometimes, what is reason? How to solve problem of computer screen flickering? The following will guide you through solution to problem that computer monitor screen keeps flickering.

What should I do if my computer screen keeps flickering? Solution for computer screen flickering
1. Check refresh rate setting

To check computer splash screen, right-click on an empty area of ​​the system desktop, select Properties from pop-up context menu, and enter display properties setting window. Click "Settings" tab in this window, and then click "Advanced" button on corresponding tab pop-up page to open display properties advanced setting interface.

Next, go to "Monitor" tab in advanced property setting interface, which shows that display refresh rate is set to "60", which is reason for constant jitter of display screen. At this time, set new frequency above "75" and then click "OK" to return to desktop.

2. Check your video card driver

After a flashing screen appears on computer, do not use driver from CD that was installed when computer was purchased. You can download latest driver for corresponding graphics card from Internet, and then open "System" properties window. Click "Settings Manager" button in "Hardware" window to enter system device list interface.

Right-click a graphics card option in this interface with a computer mouse, select Properties from pop-up context menu, and then click Driver tab in graphics card properties pop-up window. settings window, and then click "Update driver" button on corresponding tab.

Follow wizard to gradually update your graphics driver to latest version and finally restart your computer. If driver is installed correctly, display refresh rate option will appear, and then set refresh rate to 75Hz. The above will do.

3. Check video card and eliminate magnetic field

To eliminate all interference around monitor, you can move computer to an empty table on all sides, and then perform a power-on test. field or Strong magnetic field interference. If power transformer is too close to display and case, it will also cause laptop to flicker, because power transformer creates stronger electromagnetic interference during operation, causing screen to shake. Placing power transformer away from cabinet and monitor may solve problem.

Open case, remove graphics card from slot, and then use your hands to wipe dust off golden fingers of graphics card. Your best bet is to find a soft, fine-bristled brush to gently remove any dust on graphics card's surface. Wipe surface of gold finger with a clean eraser several times to remove oxide layer on surface of gold finger, and finally insert graphics card firmly into motherboard slot again and fix it on case body with screws. Reboot to check if general computer splash screen crash can be resolved.