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What to do if stripes appear on computer monitor? Solution stripes on computer screen


What should I do if streaks appear on my computer screen? Stripes on computer monitor, is monitor broken? Today I will share with you causes and ways to eliminate stripes on computer monitor screen.

What to do if stripes appear on computer monitor? Solution stripes on computer screen
Reason 1. External interference

Because strong electromagnetic interference such as electric sparks and high frequency electromagnetic fields exist near display. If interference intensity is very high, it will cause white horizontal stripes on entire display screen; if interference intensity is not strong, it will look like a serious change in a certain corner of display.

Solution: When these two situations occur, we should first focus on checking environment of display area to rule out equipment with strong magnetic interference. Generally, problem can be solved.

Reason 2: internal noise

There is a big difference between internal noise and external noise. If monitor's internal noise is disturbed, black horizontal stripes will appear on monitor screen, which is a more serious problem.

Solution: In this case, we can open case to check if there is a bad connection inside display, if there is a problem with output terminal of power supply or output transformer.

Reason 3: Display life is too long

Internal capacitors will age and fail if used for too long, resulting in slow startup speed, dark screen and blurry characters. At this time, while aging capacitor is replaced, fault can usually be repaired, but since this is also a very high-tech job, it is recommended to send it in for repair.

Reason 4: Incorrect screen resolution setting

Severe glitches on computer screen may also occur. This type of failure usually occurs on older machines. If your computer is running a Windows system, you can press F8 to enter system's safe mode and restart it. Set display mode. monitor, and problem can usually be corrected after a restart.