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What to do if mouse cannot be moved? Solving problem that mouse cannot move after turning on computer


What should I do if my mouse doesn't work after I turn on my computer? Recently, when working on a computer, some users found that after turning on computer, mouse cannot be moved, how to solve? Below, we will share with you solution to problem that mouse cannot move after turning on computer.

What to do if mouse cannot be moved? Solving problem that mouse cannot move after turning on computer

1. The mouse itself (product quality problem) Change another computer and see if mouse works!

2. The interface does not make good contact or is broken. Replace interface and problem can be fixed

3. The computer's power supply or other problems cause mouse to lose its normal working environment. Insufficient power supply of device is related to system settings. You can use following solutions:

After computer starts and logs back in, USB device may not be able to supply power properly due to advanced power management feature. Right-click "My Computer" and then select "Properties" to enter "Device Management". In Device Manager, find: Universal Serial Bus ---- Once expanded, you will see an option called "USB Root Hub". Double-click to open it, and then remove hook in front of "Allow computer to turn off this device to save power" option in Power Management option. (Actually, this is power management of plug-and-play devices, including USB power management, of course. Removing "tick in front of option" means that power of this device does not turn off.) At moment, problem is basically solved!

4. Breaking conflict on hardware

5. This is surface on which mouse works, as mentioned above. If reflection is too strong, like in a glass mirror, phenomenon is that it will not move or jump. Because there is a red light under mouse. , red surface of course The effect is not good, and there is too much surface scattering (actually, ordinary computer desks are not a problem)

6. There was a problem detecting a connection by system (the usual solution is to press F8 at startup and select Last Known Good Configuration to log in!) It is recommended to check and kill virus to make sure that computer is infected with a virus!

7. Use keyboard to open [My Computer] [Management] [Device Manager] [Mouse and other settings] to see if it is disabled, or check general serial port and enable it.