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Solving problem that computer cannot install mouse driver


What should I do if I can't install mouse driver? How to solve problem that mouse driver is not installed? Below, we will share with you solution to problem that computer mouse driver cannot be installed normally.

Solving problem that computer cannot install mouse driver

1. The installed USB mouse driver is not suitable. That is, operating system version of usb mouse driver you are using, device model supported by driver, etc. are not compatible with device and operating system installed on computer.

2. The installation order of usb mouse driver is incorrect. The general procedure for installing drivers is as follows: motherboard driver - board driver (display card, sound card, network card, modem board, etc.) - other drivers (printer driver, Bluetooth driver, etc.), under operating WindowsXP system, if we do not install motherboard driver, go directly to install USB mouse driver, a message may appear that it cannot be installed.

3. Wrong way to install usb mouse driver. First of all, we need to have a driver (disk or download), and then install it according to instructions inside. If there is no driver file at hand, and system can automatically search or update it directly, then it is generally impossible to install device driver.

4. The USB mouse driver can be installed from included driver CD. Please follow steps and paths provided in README file in root directory of driver CD to install appropriate driver.