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What is computer case radiation? How to choose a radiation-resistant chassis?


When buying a computer case, in addition to appearance and quality, you must also consider protection of case from radiation. The function of protecting body from radiation is very important. The radiation inside computer is mainly divided into ionizing radiation and electromagnetic radiation, so how harmful is computer radiation to human body?

What is computer case radiation? How to choose a radiation-resistant chassis?
Computer case electromagnetic radiation

The electromagnetic radiation of host comes from many internal accessories, such as power supply, motherboard, memory, video card, etc. When they operate at high frequency, they will produce strong electromagnetic radiation (mainly concentrated in ultra-short wave range) .If you do not take protective measures, it will have a great impact on human body.Fortunately, metal body of chassis can shield electromagnetic radiation to a certain extent. Cases of different materials, different designs, and different manufacturing processes have different radiation protection capabilities. If design is not reasonable, electromagnetic radiation leakage from host will still exceed standard.

When using a computer, adjust screen brightness. Generally speaking, brighter screen, stronger electromagnetic radiation, and vice versa. However, it cannot be adjusted too dark, so as not to affect effect due to too little brightness, and this can easily cause eye fatigue.

Ionizing radiation from a computer case

For ionizing radiation, short-term radiation that human body can perceive is about 100 millisieverts. Any excess will harm human body, and human body can withstand a maximum radiation of 1000 microsieverts per year. ? With regard to electromagnetic radiation and its safety, standards also differ in different countries and environments. As for our country, below 0.3 µT is harmless to human body, from 0.3 µT to 0.4 µT is called a warning value, and above 0.4 µT is considered strong radiation.

What is computer case radiation? How to choose a radiation-resistant chassis?
How does a computer case protect against radiation?

The computer case is usually made of lead-free galvanized steel, which absorbs radiation well. Of course, some chassis also feature a see-through design for aesthetics. For many very transparent cases, most of them are mainly made of acrylic material. Therefore, for such a chassis, there are often radiation-resistant shrapnels, that is, EMP shrapnels. It also absorbs radiation.