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Work steps for setting up a shared LAN printer on an XP system


How do I set up a shared network printer on an XP system? How to add a LAN network printer to a WinXP system? Next, we will share with you method to set up a shared LAN printer on an XP system.

Work steps for setting up a shared LAN printer on an XP system

1. Open "My Computer" - "Properties" - "Computer Name" - "Change" and set all computers on local network to one workgroup;

2. Open "My Network Places" - "Properties", go to "Network Connection" interface, then click "Local Area Connection" - "Properties", following dialog box will appear, click "Install";

3. Select "Protocol" in pop-up "Select Network Component Type" dialog box, and then click "Add";

4. In resulting "Select Network Protocol" dialog box, select "NWLinkIPX/SPX/…" and click "OK";

5. After successful installation, you will be able to view newly added protocol in "Local Connection" section;

6. Once agreement is set, we go to "Control Panel" to find "Printers and Faxes", select "Add Printer" on its side and following dialog will appear, select "Network Printer". .." and click "Next". ;

7. When prompted to select a printer interface, select "Connect to this printer..." and then click "Next";

8. In setup wizard pop-up window, select desired network printer and click "Next";

9. Click "Yes" in dialog that appears to open next wizard;

10. In last step, choose whether to set currently added printer as computer's default printer, and then click OK to complete installation;

11. At moment, network printer has been successfully added!