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Solution for XP system unable to view encrypted disk and files


What should I do if my XP system suddenly cannot view encrypted disks and files? After some users encrypted disks and files, they suddenly encountered problem that they cannot view encrypted disks and files, how to solve it? See details below.

Solution for XP system unable to view encrypted disk and files

1. Log in as an administrator, open folder options and uncheck "Use simple file sharing" in "Advanced options" list box on "View" tab;

2. Return to appropriate folder or disk partition, select "Properties" command in corresponding menu and go to "Security" tab;

3. At this time, you can see all users who are not allowed to access, click "Advanced" to enter advanced settings interface. Go to "Owner" tab in advanced settings interface, if there is your user list, select it and check "Replace owner of subcontainers and objects", click "Apply" to add settings;

4. At this point, you can see your name in Permissions tab. If you are allowed to add new access users in Permissions tab, you can ignore above operation.

5. After clicking "OK" and returning, you can access original encrypted folder or drive;

6. If you see a very long "S-1-5-21-xxxxx" in Permissions tab, consisting of numbers, it may be a username created earlier, but if it is corrupt, select user and uncheck "Inherit from part of entry permissions that apply to child objects. Enable them with entries explicitly defined here" in interface. Select "Copy (Copy)" command in corresponding interface, and then delete this useless user.