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What to do if the POST computer freezes? Solution for stuck hard drive self-test


What should I do if my computer is stuck on POST? Sometimes when computer crashes, hard drive self-test will appear when computer is started, but many users report that power-on self-test freezes. What is reason for this? How to solve problem with hard drive self-test freezing when turning on computer? See introduction below.

What to do if the POST computer freezes? Solution for stuck hard drive self-test

1. Select drive letter C in "My Computer" and right-click to select "Properties". "Repair Bad Sectors" and then click "Start", scan time will vary depending on disk capacity and scan settings (After doing above method, a pop-up window will appear, click "Yes, repair after automatic shutdown", Win7). Click Disk Schedule. check button).

2. Bad sectors of a hard drive can cause damage or loss of computer system files, and computer will not start or crash. Bad sectors on a hard drive can be fixed using NDD disk utility or Scandisk.

3. If error persists, please repair system or reinstall it (you cannot format hard drive, repartition and reinstall it, if that doesn't work, you need to replace hard drive or check it).

4. Find a way to login to repair disk, press enter, wait a while to try, press F8 to select safe mode, PE, reinstall system and go to maintenance to help you.

5. If there are no illegal shutdowns and there are no problems with hard drive, you can use following method to remove system from hard drive scan: Click "Start / Run", type "regedit" and press Enter to open registry editor. Select in turn subkey " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager", then find key value item "BootExecute" in right window and clear its value data, then restart (select file to export before clearing for backup if you need to restore backup.