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What to do if hard drive is damaged? Introduction to hard drive recovery tools


After a hard drive is used for a long time, there are bound to be some corruption issues such as bad sectors, so how do you repair a hard drive? Many people ask me which hard drive repair tools are more useful. In this article, we will share some common hard drive repair tools with you.

What to do if hard drive is damaged? Introduction to hard drive recovery tools

diskgenius hard disk manager

Even though diskgenius is a partitioning software, its hard disk recovery feature is very powerful. It can indeed repair bad sectors, but area of ​​bad sectors should not be too large, otherwise recovery will take a long time. . The key is that it's free. , And detection efficiency is high, and complexity of use is small. After selecting your hard drive, you only need to find Hard Drive Bad Sector Recovery in menu bar and click Start. Any computer can be used right on desktop to repair hard drives, mobile hard drives, etc.

The reason it ranks first is because of its ease of use and ease of use. Any beginner can use it to repair hard drives.

Second, professional MHDD hard drive detection and recovery software

It ranks second because it is most powerful and old-fashioned professional hard drive track repair tool (repair shops use it), but it's harder to use because it's best to use this tool to improve recovery speed and compatibility - first thing I think of when I encounter bad sectors on a hard drive. It can first check how many bad sectors are on your hard drive, and then repair those bad sectors in several different ways. broken sectors, only negative - you need to run under dos.

Third, Victoria|winpe desktop-level bad sector recovery tool

Victoria is a powerful hard drive maintenance tool for Windows environments. It has multifunctional tools such as hard disk surface check / hard disk bad sector repair / view and save SMART information / cache cache management. It supports many types of hard disk decryption, supports a full range of detection and recovery.

The reason it ranks third is because it satisfies mhdd's powerful feature of detecting and repairing hard disk, but it can run under win desktop, and it's generally recommended to run it under winpe to repair hard disk .

Fourthly, HDDScan is a hard disk bad track detection tool, WIN interface mode version (basic hard disk diagnostic tool)

HDDScan is a free program that runs on Win2k/xp operating system. It can not only diagnose ATA/SATA/SCSI hard drives, but also support RAID arrays, USB/Firewire (1394) hard drives and flash drives.memory. cards and other storage devices. It executes standard ATA/SATA/SCSI commands, so it can be used regardless of type of hard drive. Its functions include: scanning surface of disk, cleaning, viewing SMART attributes, running SMART Selftest tests, configuring hard drive AAM (noise management), APM (power management) and other parameters.

Fifth, effective hard drive bad sector detection software

The detection part of this version is completely free, no need to enter 9 registration codes, program interface has been completely redesigned, it has become faster and easier to use. Currently, best dedicated hard drive bad sector finder is Efficiency Source hard drive bad sector finder widely used by individuals, departments, used businesses, hard drive sellers, installers, etc.

Sixth, hard drive regenerator

HDD Regenerator Shell is a powerful hard drive recovery software. This program can help you really repair physical damage on surface of a regenerated disk, such as bad sectors, instead of just hiding them! Once program is installed, it will help you create a boot disk and then help you repair and repair your hard disk in DOS. It has a friendly interface and is very easy to operate.

Seventh, PK-3000

This is a comprehensive tool for professional hard drive repair, developed by famous Russian hard drive laboratory - ACE Lab. It manages hard drive from internal hard drive software, and changes and restores original hard drive data. Available actions:

1. Servo scan

2. Physical Scan

3. Scanning LBA addresses

4. Protect as factory bad sectors (p-list)

5. Head with shield

6. Escaped track

7. Protect bad sectors

8. Change BIOS word (parameter)

9. Resize lba

10. Change serial number

11. View or edit negative header information

Eighth, HD Tune (Revised Version 3.50 Pro for Chinese)

HD Tune is a hard drive performance diagnostic tool. It can determine hard disk transfer rate, packet data rate, data access time, CPU usage, health status, temperature and scan disk surface, etc. In addition, it can determine firmware version, serial number, capacity, cache size and current hard drive transfer mode.

Ninth, invalid disk partition FBDISK1.2

The Bad Disk Separator has been renamed to FBDISK (Fixed Bad Disk). This is a program forMarking hard drives with damaged tracks. It can automatically repartition hard drives with bad tracks, set bad tracks as hidden partitions, and good tracks as available partitions; separate bad tracks to prevent bad tracks from spreading. However, if bad tracks are too scattered, many scattered and accessible partitions will be created; according to partition rules, only 4 primary partitions can be set, and program will select four largest partitions as available, and rest as hidden.