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What are symptoms of a failing hard drive? What actions harm hard drive?


What are symptoms of a failing hard drive? What's happening? The hard drive is main storage medium for a computer. With ever-increasing capacity of hard drive, many users will store some data or files on hard drive. Therefore, if there is a problem with hard disk, saved data will also be corrupted. The vast majority of hard drives are fixed drives that are permanently sealed into hard drive. Today, editor will tell you about symptoms of hard drive failure and what actions can lead to hard drive damage! Note. The hard drive mentioned here mainly refers to mechanical hard drive.

1. What happens if hard drive fails?

1. Abnormal hard disk noise.

2. Unable to detect hard drive.

3. The system file data is lost for no reason and cannot start normally.

4. Failure.

Secondly, why does a hard drive fail?

1. Power cuts suddenly when turning on and off

The ATX design of current power supply and motherboard usually implements a soft shutdown function. This design makes people feel more comfortable. However, a soft shutdown must first perform a series of operations to close running programs. In addition to compatibility and bugs in design of various operating systems and motherboard manufacturers, Windows often crashes when closing applications and then turning off power. you may have seen question "why does system crash on soft shutdown" in many forums and in Q&A columns of newspapers and periodicals - at this time, hard drive reset action may not be completed. If user uses force power off method, there is a high probability physical damage to hard drive.

Proper method: If a soft shutdown fails, you must press RESET key to allow system to re-enter Windows and then officially complete shutdown operation - this can be a little cumbersome, but ensures that hard drive is reset safely .For your thousands of yuan hard drive, safety is paramount. There is also a power cut at startup: under normal circumstances, of course, no one would engage in such a boring operation, but when there are some situations, for example, video card or memory is not connected, and video cable is loose, computer does not turn on. When display is displayed, many people just dive into fixing visible problems, often turning on and off, plugging and unplugging boards, and then plugging them back in... and don't pay attention to creaking and groaning of hard drive under power switch over and over again - especially No image on boot, just a few seconds, hard disk initialization is not completed, magnetic head is in a sensitive position,the power is turned off immediately, and then it is affected by current in less than 10 seconds, probability of failure increases significantly.

Suggest right way: unplug power cable from the hard drive first and you can play it as you want. After troubleshooting, it's not too late to get down to business again.

What are symptoms of a failing hard drive? What actions harm hard drive?

2. Incorrect work with section

This is indeed a big part of newbie mistakes - different versions of Windows cause different formats like FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS to exist, and different tasks make all newbies want to format a partition. section as you like to adjust size and format of partition, especially latter has functions of formatting partition and hiding partition. For those who are familiar with operation, these tools are convenient, but for beginners Said that operation of partition should be especially careful. Although a partition error is a software error and not a physical error, if you perform a "restore" operation without thinking about underlying concept after an accidental operation error, it can cause partition's boot area and partition table to become too large. The chaos can no longer be recognized by any tool software - if you don't have a partition table and a hard drive boot area data backup, you need to perform a low-level format - there is also a problem of skill and knowledge in using low-level format tools due to partitioning into Partitions I have seen many cases where a new hard drive could no longer be used due to mishandling.

Suggested Action: Whether you're a veteran or a novice, when doing important hard disk operations, back up partition table and boot area data so you can restore them properly any time you make a mistake. It is better for beginners to first ask to bring it to master, and then, having familiarized themselves with program interface and instructions, operate it on their own, because hard drive is different from other accessories and contains your precious data.

3. Dangerous habits when initializing and using Windows

Initializing Windows is more delicate and dangerous. If a user uploads too many things to startup group, Windows initialization will take a long time and may fail, especially for fear of users who have more than two firewalls or online virus monitoring programs installed, there is a high chance of conflict between antivirus programs . In addition, Windows series provides function of using TAB+ALT key to switch between different applications, especially ability to switch back to Windows interface in a DOS window, which is convenient for users who want to work under old application. . But since DOS is a single-threaded operating system, and its application program is also designed based on this thread, DOS application program has a large CPU usage rate. Due to problem of old DOS architecture, reaction of program is not as fast as Windows program. Therefore, when running in a window Windows DOS is recommended so that user's actions are not so fast,so that system does not respond enough to cause a crash.

Also, be careful when switching with TAB+ALT and don't force a switch before program has completed current task, which may cause a crash. Bugs in Windows would not cause direct physical damage to hard drive. But these are problems of habit of use. It doesn’t matter once or twice. Over time, frequent crashes and reboots, hitting hard drive and even computer components are quite harmful. In anger, it will turn off before computer is completely rebooted, which is possibility of first type of fatal failure. There are also various bad habits such as shutting down without exiting Windows program, not systematizing hard drive for a long time, not running disk scan program (most common on some public computers), etc., which can bury root of hard drive corruption.

Suggested measures: These are basic things, pay attention to changing usage habits, such as online anti-virus software, just hang one and you can change others regularly, but at same time, it is not recommended to run too much. in background. Other standard correct operations have been mentioned in many experience articles, so I won't say much here.

5. The hard drive vibrates heavily during use

If there is a lot of vibration while writing to hard disk, it can also cause significant damage to hard disk. This dangerous operation should be avoided. When moving computer, if there is severe vibration, turn off computer first. It is best to remove important internal parts and transport them separately.

6. Other types of custom errors

For example, data cable is inserted backwards, damage due to poor power supply, board short circuit, etc. There are many cases in various newspapers and websites, and I will not list them here.