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How can I tell special purple hard drive for monitoring from a normal hard drive?


Today we will talk about how to choose a hard drive to monitor. We all know that hard drives are divided into green drives, black drives, blue screens, purple drives, and red drives. Hard drives of different colors have different functions and accents and can be used in different areas. This color grading method is a unique method for classifying Western Digital hard drives.

Green drive is focused on power saving, its performance is relatively average, but it is suitable for long-term file storage.

The black disk is focused on high performance and good performance, and is suitable for computer servers and industries with special performance requirements.

The blue disk is between green and black disks. A blue disk is typically used and performance is average.

Purple disk is specially designed for monitoring hard disk video equipment and is suitable for continuous operation for 365 days x 24 hours.

The red drive is for a dedicated NAS.

Choosing an economical hard drive will greatly reduce your maintenance costs in future. So what is difference between dedicated monitoring hard drives and regular hard drives? Including hard disk running time, power management, heat dissipation environment, seek time and so on.

Let's take a look today, what's difference between a purple professional video storage drive and a regular hard drive?

Hard Drive Time:

Monitoring often requires hard drive to run continuously. In this regard, there is a big difference between normal hard drives and surveillance hard drives. Ordinary hard drives are designed for continuous operation for 5 * 8 hours, that is, during 5 working days, hard drive works for 8 hours every working day. Judging by these data, ordinary hard drives are not suitable for long-term continuous reading and writing, with long-term continuous reading and writing, they will inevitably be overloaded and have problems, and monitoring-level hard drives can provide continuous operation 7 * 24 per year. Purple disks can withstand three times load of ordinary hard disks, which can better meet ultra-high requirements of video surveillance systems. Therefore, in terms of stability and reliability, hard drives for video surveillance are undoubtedly superior to them.

Hard drive power management:

Monitoring often requires installing multiple hard drives at same time. If there is no good power management, there may be hidden dangers in terms of power consumption and security. The instantaneous startup current of a conventional hard drive will reach 2.5 amps, or even higher. The monitoring hard drive current will be controlled at 2 amps when it starts up, and you can use a little power.Strong power supply to avoid burnout due to excessive instantaneous current. In addition, HDD monitoring also has a power optimization function that can automatically switch to low power mode when hard disk is not in use to save power.

How can I tell special purple hard drive for monitoring from a normal hard drive?

Hard Drive Cooling Environment:

Monitoring has different requirements for number of hard drives, but often there are several or even many. In this context, higher requirements are placed on cooling medium. The power consumption of conventional hard drives is about 14.5 watts. If you install a single hard drive in host computer, there is basically no problem. However, in extreme environments such as monitoring requiring multiple hard drives, heat dissipation caused by this power consumption cannot be ignored. The power consumption of monitoring hard disk is very low, operating power consumption of 2TB is less than 5W, and heat dissipation is naturally very low. Installing multiple hard disks will not consume too much power, providing a relatively good heat dissipation environment. .

Hard drive search time:

The biggest feature of monitoring is that it requires continuous writing to hard disk for a long time, but does not make too high demands on reading data. This conventional hard drive is completely out of design. Ordinary hard drives at home often read and write random small files in pursuit of high search speed, while surveillance hard drives are suitable for continuous recording of large files and have good stability.

For construction companies The monitoring hard disk installation is stable, and cost of maintenance services at a later period will be reduced. For customers, there are fewer failures when using Western Digital Purple drives, risk of data loss is low, and data security is improved, allowing monitoring to play its intended protective role, killing two birds with one stone!