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How to fix hard drive boot failure?


Booting from hard drive usually occurs when computer is turned on. Such a failure can be caused by system or by hard drive itself.

How to fix hard drive boot failure?

1. After booting, screen shows Device Error and then shows Non-system disk or disk error, Replace and press any key when ready. After starting from system boot disk, type "C" after A:> and screen will display message Invalid disk specification means that system does not recognize hard disk.

Decision. The cause of failure is usually a loss of hard drive settings in COMS or an incorrect hard drive type setting. Below are specific methods.

a.Log in to COMS to check if hard disk settings are lost and if hard disk type is set correctly.

b.Select IDE Hard Drive Auto Detect option to automatically detect hard drive type settings.

c. If some hard drives cannot be recognized automatically, we need to manually set hard drive options in BIOS. You can check hard disk settings on label on surface of hard disk and change it accordingly.

2. After loading, date error is displayed on screen

When this happens, it means that there is a fatal error in data read from hard disk, or there are bad sectors on disk. At this time, you can try running a disk scan program to scan for and fix logical sector errors. If there are physical bad sectors in bad sector, you need special software to try and repair it, and sometimes this may not be successful.

3. After booting up, screen shows an error message about hard disk controller

The reason is that after booting, wait message remains for a long time, and finally HDD controller failure message appears.

Decision. The cause of this failure is usually a bad hard drive cable interface connection or wrong wiring, or it could be that hard drive is broken.

4. Crash when booting from hard drive after boot

Reason, self-test after boot, failure to boot from HDD or No ROM Basic, screen showing System Halted.

Resolution: The boot program is usually corrupted or poisoned. At this time, you should start from boot disk and run Fdisk/MBR command.

5. After loading, screen shows an error loading operating system

The reason is usually that there is a bug in DOS boot record that can be fixed with NDD. If unsuccessful, use FORMATC:/S command to overwrite DOS boot record.