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Symptoms before a hard drive hardware failure


Hard drive failures are best detected as early as possible and appropriate preventive measures can be taken in a timely manner, otherwise important data on hard drive may not be recovered. Generally speaking, before hard drive fails, there will be following performances.

Symptoms before a hard drive hardware failure

1. An S.M.A.R.T. error message will appear. This is because auto-detection feature built into hard drive by hard drive manufacturer is working. If this message appears, it means that hard drive has a potential physical failure and will not be able to function normally from time to time soon. time.

2. Failure to initialize Windows. In this case, possibility of other hardware problems, such as poor memory quality, system overheating caused by a stopped fan, or virus damage, should be ruled out first.

3. There was an error in starting program, and disk scan cannot go through, and scan often slows down, freezes, or even crashes. This phenomenon may be a problem with hard drive, or it may be a software failure. If possibility of problems with software setup is ruled out, then this can be explained by a physical malfunction of hard drive.

4. Run a disk scan program to find errors or even bad sectors directly.

5. When hard drive is running, it makes unusual sounds such as "dangdan" or "crack".

Common hard drive failure

In order to better understand causes of hard drive failures, it is often effective to detect hard drive failures. Below, Hongxu Computer describes causes of common hard drive failures.

1. When reading some files or running some programs, hard drive constantly fails to read disc, or it takes a long time to read successfully, and at same time, hard drive detects strange noises.

2. When FORMATTING a hard drive, some processes stop and at end an error is reported that cannot be completed.

3. When executing FDISK on a hard drive, it will move forward and backward several times with some progress.

4. The hard drive does not start and screen is black.

5. The hard drive cannot be started and there is no prompt.

6. During normal use of Mingxin, blue screens often appear for no reason.

7. The hard drive cannot be started, and information about failure of main master hard drive is displayed.

8. The hard disk cannot be started and message DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESSENTER is displayed.

9. The hard drive cannot be started and message Erro Loading Operating System is displayed.

10. The hard drive cannot be started and message No active partition found on hard drive is displayed.

11. The hard drive cannot be started and message Invalid Partition Table is displayed.

12. During POST process, screen displays message "Missing operating system", "Not OS", "Non-system disk" or "Disk error", replace disk and press key to reboot and other similar information.

13. During POST process, message "Hard disk is missing" appears on screen.tvuet” and other similar information.

14. During POST process, a hard disk error message and other similar information will appear on screen.