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Many causes of hard drive failure


There are many causes of hard disk failures, mainly hard disk bad sectors, hard disk power problems, hard disk partition table failures, interface circuit failures, magnetic head chip failures, drive chip failures, spindle motor and magnetic head failures. .

Many causes of hard drive failure

1. Incorrect hard drive connection or setup

The data cable or hard drive power cable has poor contact with hard drive interface, resulting in hard drive not working properly. Two hard drives are connected to same data cable, and hard drive jumper is set incorrectly, causing BIOS to not properly recognize hard drive.

2. Hard drive power problem

If there is a problem with power supply circuit of hard disk, it will directly cause hard disk to fail to work normally. The hard disk does not turn on, hard disk is not detected, disk does not rotate, magnetic head does not look for other faults. Parts that often have problems with power circuit are: connector terminals, filter capacitors, diodes, three-stage lamps, field lamps, inductors, insurance resistors, etc.

3. Interface circuit failure

An interface is a channel for transferring data between a hard drive and a computer. If interface circuit fails, it may lead to phenomena such as an undetectable hard disk, garbled codes, and incorrect parameter identification. The parts that are prone to failure in interface circuit are damage to crystal oscillator corresponding to interface chip, broken interface pins, and interface exception damage.

4. Head chip failure

If there is a problem with chip, there may be malfunctions such as magnetic head cannot search properly, data cannot be written to disk, hard disk cannot be recognized, and there are abnormal noises.

5. Drive IC failure

Used to drive hard drive spindle motor and voice coil motor. The current hard drive is damaged due to strong heat generation of chip due to high rotation speed. According to incomplete statistics, about 70% of hard drive circuit failures are caused by chip damage.

6. Bad sectors of hard drive

The hard drive is often disabled illegally or misused, resulting in bad sectors, resulting in damage or loss of computer's system files, and computer cannot be started or crashes.

7. Damaged hard drive boot area

Due to a boot virus infection, boot area of ​​the hard drive has changed, causing computer to be unable to read hard drive properly. This error usually gives incorrect information about table partitions.

8. The hard drive is locked with a logic lock

Due to a "hacker" attack, computer's hard drive is locked with a logical lock, which prevents hard drive from starting normally.

9. Partition table lost

The hard disk partition table is corrupted or lost due to virus damage, which will cause system to fail to start.

10. Other components are damaged

Including damage to spindle motor, magnetichead, voice coil motor, mounting clip, etc. may cause hard disk drive to malfunction.