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How many of four do-it-yourself computer-building misconceptions do you have?


When assembling a computer, we usually learn some knowledge first, but this is how many people draw wrong conclusions, and this wrong knowledge often influences your choices and judgments, so today let me introduce you four misunderstandings that people often have when assembling do-it-yourself computers Do you do this too?

How many of four do-it-yourself computer-building misconceptions do you have?

You must buy a branded power supply

It is right to buy a good power supply. Brand name power supplies can indeed provide a bigger and better quality assurance, but it also means you need to spend more money. If you don't have enough money, you don't have to go after brand name power supplies. Power supplies also usually last for several years. For example, some second-tier brand products such as Xianma, Patriot and so on.


Many people like to install various RGB lighting effects on their computer. Video card, memory card, motherboard, case, etc. all have RGB lighting. If you have enough money, it does not matter, although various lighting effects look very dazzling. Cool, but, frankly, aesthetically boring after a long time. If your budget is insufficient, it is recommended not to buy RGB lighting products, firstly, it is impractical, and secondly, price of lighting effects products is very high, because budget is not enough, you should spend more money. to improve iron. Productivity, not appearance.

How many of four do-it-yourself computer-building misconceptions do you have?

Execution points

A performance score may not represent everything, but it can also indicate that a computer's performance is good enough. I found that configuration is same as others, but estimates are different, and then I started various debugging and tossing, etc. Actually, if you are not a DIY player enthusiast, you can light it up and use it normally after compiling computer .Confused running points.

Equipment price balance

Many people have always followed hardware price balance plan when comparing computers. As long as one product is high-end, others are also matched with high-end products, one is inexpensive, and rest are common. .This is right combination, but you do not need to follow it intentionally. The hardware can be fully customized to suit your needs. There is no big problem with high-tech products matching low-end hardware. As long as gap is not too large, there will be no barrel effect. . The most important thing about hardware matching is to meet your own needs while ensuring mutual compatibility.