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Common computer errors, how many times have you been hit?


Proper computer usage habits can prolong life of your computer and reduce chance of problems. Many newcomers to computers have a lot of misunderstandings when using a computer. Today I will give you examples one by one to see what points you have scored. I hope that after reading this, you can fix it. I also hope this article is useful for New to computers You were helpful.

Common computer errors, how many times have you been hit?
1. Directly press switch button to turn off or directly turn off power

Many newcomers to computers turn off computer directly by pressing power button or by directly unplugging power supply. Such an abrupt shutdown can cause significant damage to computer's hard disk, especially a mechanical hard disk, so such an operation as a whole has been done. After that, next time computer is turned on, it will perform a blue screen self-test. If number of times is too high, hard disk will be recycled! The correct way to shut down is to click Start -> Shut Down in bottom left corner of your computer desktop.

2. Frequent turning on and off

Some people turn off their computers after leaving house for 20 minutes to save on energy bills. If computer is not used for a long time, we recommend that you do not turn off computer. Since biggest enemies that affect life of a computer are moisture, static electricity, and physical damage, running on power for extended periods of time can help computer maintain a consistent state. If you don't feel like your computer is frozen, there's actually no need to turn it on, off, and restart it.

3. Long time without a computer (several months)

Some people buy a hibernation computer and keep it there all time! The direct impact of this is that once you need to use it, you won't even be able to turn it on. The computer is afraid of getting wet, please don't neglect others, please don't forget to greet it if you have nothing to do.

4. Upgrade your computer and add memory, buy latest model

I wanted to upgrade my old machine, so I excitedly bought a new memory card.

After connecting, I found that interface is not suitable;

This is actually a memory incompatibility issue.

Different brands of memory particles are different, and parameters, voltage and frequency during operation are also different, and mixing them can easily cause various problems. Therefore, when buying memory, you need to pay attention to buying memory of same size, frequency, voltage, and even brand as in previous article.

Of course, there is a more economical and labor-intensive way - Kingston ValueRAM memory! Compatible and stable first-class, low voltage operation and more energy saving.

5. Disconnect battery while laptop is plugged in

Some friends like to disconnect battery when using laptop, reason is that battery is always charged when power is on, which shortens lifespan significantly.

This is wrong!

The laptop battery will turn off charging function when it is fully charged and will not charge again until its level isb will not drop to about 95%, so it is not necessary. On contrary, if there is no battery during an unexpected power outage, it will most likely make you cry without tears.

6. Laptops use batteries to play massive online games

When laptop is not connected to a power source, it will especially freeze during games. If power supply is not connected when laptop is on battery power, this will limit power consumption of program. and limit hardware power consumption function, use power saving mode to extend use time. Although this mode can be changed in settings, it is not recommended to turn off power supply while playing games. The reason is not only that power of laptop can not last long, but more importantly, in high power, CPU and graphics card during game, this may cause serious damage to notebook lithium battery. Each powerful discharge will cause serious damage to battery itself, on one hand, real power will be greatly reduced, and on other hand, it will also cause a rapid decrease in battery life.

7. I think using a laptop connected to network for a long time will affect battery life

For laptops that use batteries a lot, this problem can be ignored. For laptops that rarely use batteries, it is recommended to turn off power regularly and use batteries to avoid passivation.

Well, if battery is plug-in, I have to ask if battery needs to be removed and used. I want to tell you what should I do if I can't find it after using it... Seriously, a battery stored alone cannot be without power, it cannot be fully charged, and it must be protected from self-discharge!

There are actually many misconceptions about use of laptop batteries and power supplies. The correct methods are:

a. The lithium battery does not need to be recharged when it is empty!

b. The first few charges of a new machine do not require a full charge within 12 hours!

c. Don't recharge your device after automatic shutdown, just charge and use as you go!

g. Frequent shutdowns are bad for your computer

8. When installing software, click next step from start to finish

When all software is installed, it is installed in C drive by default, including data generated by software is also in C drive, why is C drive by default, I personally think it's because C drive is system drive, all window systems will have this drive, so default C drive can guarantee software installation.

When installing software on C drive, there is a problem: available space on C drive becomes less and less, and computer freezes. As ifAs mentioned above, software is installed on C drive. Apart from program itself, there is also data generated by program. For example, if you watch a movie from Baofeng Music, after watching movie, movie you watched will be cached on your computer. The next time you watch it, you don't need to consume network resources. You can read cached data directly to ensure speed. This cached data is about same size as a real movie. If you put them all on your C drive, your C drive will eventually fill up. Beware of explosion (scare you, hehe).

The correct way to install software is to customize each step of operation, do not use default step, change installation directory, change storage directory, and uncheck box to install bundled software.

9. Put a lot of files on your desktop

Many friends place files directly on their computer desktop for convenience, which is a very bad habit. While you are looking for a directory, you will find that desktop of computer is actually a folder on drive C. Putting a file on desktop actually places file on drive C. If there is no backup when you reinstall system, all these files will be lost. The slightest impact will affect to appearance of desktop.

So I suggest you clean up your computer desktop and partition your hard drive into disks. Currently my hard drive partitions are partitioned like this. You can refer to: C drive for system installation, D drive for software, D drive for software installation. Disk E for file storage; Drive F for storing movies, music, etc.

Common computer errors, how many times have you been hit?
10. Think that Apple computers will not be poisoned

In fact, while operating system is likely to be poisoned, be it windows, macOS or Linux. The reason we rarely see macOS poisoning is because user base is small and Apple's software installation certification is strict and there are fewer viruses for macOS.