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Teach you how to tell difference between high and low computer configuration


Difference between high and low configuration: hardware

CPU: This mainly depends on frequency and L2 cache. The higher frequency, larger and faster second level cache. In future, CPU will be divided into three-level cache and four-level cache. cache level, which will affect response speed.

Memory: Memory access speed depends on interface, number of particles, and storage size, including memory interface (eg: SDRAM133, DDR233, DDR2-533, DDR3-800). Generally speaking, larger memory, faster processing. The more powerful data, faster it will be.

Motherboard: It mostly depends on processor. For example, i965 laptop has more processing power than i945, and i945 has better processing performance than i910, and so on.

Hard Disk: The hard disk speed is divided into high speed hard disk and low speed hard disk. High-speed hard disk is usually used in large servers, for example: 10,000 rpm, 15,000 rpm; hard disk speed is used in general computers (including laptops), desktop computers usually use 7200 rpm, laptops usually use 5400 rpm, this is mainly due to power consumption and heat dissipation. With development of market, size of hard disk cache has increased from previous 2M to 8M or more. As with CPU, larger cache, faster speed.

Graphics card: This is directly related to responsiveness of extra large software if you run CAD2007, 3DStudio, 3DMAX and other graphics software at same time. In addition to differences at hardware level, graphics card also features "shared video memory" technology, which is different from common integrated video memory chip. internal memory to handle needs of corresponding program. Or some call it dynamic video memory.

Power supply and display. The power supply must have sufficient power and good stability. The interface between display and motherboard also has some impact, but people don't really care about that right now.

Teach you how to tell difference between high and low computer configuration

Difference between high and low configuration: software

Operating system. With same computer configuration, original version of Windows 98 is definitely faster than original version of Windows XP, and original version of XP is definitely faster than original version of Windows Vista, which means that with same configuration, more system resources software takes, slower speed , and vice versa. In addition, stability and speed of English version of program on original English version of operating system is related to stability and speed of Chinese version of program. The original version of system is not a more optimized system, just like an optimized XP system will be faster than original XP system.

Software: They can be properly optimized. Typically, a laptop used for office work with a simplified version of XP and a simplified version of Office 2003 is sufficient for everyday use. But if you are a graphic designer, you need a professional configuration, especially for a video card , so you need to update software: Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher.

Processor: From Intel's point of view, Atom is worst, and Core - higher model, faster it is. For example, 5600 is not as fast as 5800, 58000 is not as fast as 8300, and 8300 is not as fast as 9400. Unless you play big games, integration is fine.