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Do you know some common computer screen capture methods?


In our work or in QQ chat, we come across situations where we need to take screenshots. If you don't know about computer screen shots at this time, isn't that a bit sad? In particular, some web page pop-ups flicker in past, and you may have flickered in past before pressing shortcut key to take a screenshot. Today, I will talk about some common methods for taking screenshots of a computer screen.

Do you know some common computer screen capture methods?

Method 1: To take a screenshot in full screen mode, directly press "Prtsc SysRq" key on your keyboard.

Note. Due to different keyboards, some keyboards show "Prtsc SysRq"

Many people may not know what "Prtsc SysRq" key is for on a computer. It's actually screen capture key. What does screenshot mean? Pressing this key turns off computer. Take a screenshot of entire screenshot, and then you can use keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + v" in QQ chat window or Word document to paste screenshot into QQ chat window or Word document, hey, it's simple to use, none of friends who used it, can't try it.

Benefits: It can take quick screenshots, or it can take flashing images. It is easy to operate, just press a button and does not require any software as long as there is a keyboard.

Disadvantages: You cannot control scale of screenshot yourself, you can only make a full screen. If you need an image in a certain area, you need to manually crop it. You cannot edit image while taking a screenshot.

Method 2: Use Alt + Prtsc SysRq to take a screenshot of hotspot

Here, hotspot refers to interface you are currently working on. For example, when we are chatting, active window we are in is this chat window. To do this, simply press Alt + Prtsc SysRq to open a chat window. Screenshot interface and give it a try.

Benefits: It can accurately capture current window interface without errors.

Disadvantages: only fixed window interface can be captured, usage area is relatively limited, images cannot be edited when taking screenshots

Method 3: Use browser's screenshot function

If you have installed Browser 360 on your computer, open browser as shown in picture below, there is a screenshot function, just click this button, you can take a screenshot anywhere on computer desktop. Of course, there are hotkeys here, and “Ctrl+Shift+X” shown in figure is a shortcut key.

Benefits: It can be used as long as there is a 360 browser, and it is very handy when you need to intercept pages on a webpage while browsing web.

Disadvantage: People who don't know keyboard shortcuts have to open browser, and after opening it, they can only take screenshots in browser because browser blocks other pages.

Method 4: Use QQ screenshot function

This method is considered most commonly used by everyone, especially when we communicate, we often use screenshots. Many times we use QQ screenshots. There are two methods for taking QQ screenshots:

First - click screenshot button inchat window

Other - use keyboard shortcuts. I think that most people who know a little about computers will use keyboard shortcuts, that is, press three keys "Ctrl", "Alt" and "a" at same time. so you can take a screenshot, you can right click >> Paste or use keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + V" to paste image.

Benefits: It is very convenient to take screenshots in chat, and after taking a screenshot, it will automatically insert pictures into chat window. During screenshot process, you can also mark pictures, make mosaics, circle places you want to mark.

Disadvantages: You must be logged in to use QQ. When computer is not connected to Internet, it will be very powerless if you cannot log into QQ.

Method 5: Use professional screenshot programs: HyperSnap7, etc.

This is an old-fashioned screenshot tool that can not only capture standard desktop programs, but also capture DirectX game videos, 3Dfx Glide, or DVD screen images. It can save and read images in more than 20 graphic formats (including: BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, etc.). Screenshots can be taken using hotkeys or an automatic timer. It can be said that function is very powerful. Of course, you can also choose other screenshot software according to your preferences. I don't need to go into details here.

Benefits: professional, powerful

Cons: A little awkward to use, takes some getting used to.