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Do you know top ten mistakes when building a computer?

01. Intel is better than AMD

In some respects, Intel is indeed better, but AMD's Ryzen processor series is actually quite good. For most people, AMD processors are actually more suitable, regardless of gaming entertainment or office work. Combined with recent skyrocketing prices of 8th Generation Core processors, cost of AMD Ryzen products is indeed getting higher and higher.

02. AMD outperforms Intel

AMD Ryzen products are indeed cost-effective, but you can't say that Intel is a few blocks away. it's better than Intel's disparate chips. Prior to device's price hike, price/performance gap isn't really that big.

Do you know top ten mistakes when building a computer?
03. A large plate is more stable than a small one

Some people think that a big motherboard is luxurious, a small motherboard shrinks, and a big motherboard is more stable. In fact, this claim is extremely unreliable, and there are luxury products on a small motherboard too. Motherboard size has nothing to do with stability. In terms of expansion, a larger board has an advantage, since a large board has more interfaces and PCI slots. In addition, a small board is enough for most people, and cost and performance is higher..

04. High end boards are faster than cheap boards

This is an invalid argument. The motherboard chipset does not directly determine performance of hardware. For processors that can be overclocked, some high-end motherboards have an overclocking feature. Overclocked motherboards are faster, but there is nothing to compare with. . If it's a processor that can't be overclocked, whether it's a high performance motherboard or a budget motherboard, it will have same performance.

05. Same CPU performance, low price, high performance

The processor, speaking of costs, actually depends on corresponding motherboard. Even if price of processor A is 100 yuan cheaper than processor B, it seems cost-effective, but it is possible that motherboard used by processor A is more expensive than that used by processor B. The motherboard is 500 yuan more expensive, so there is no performance.

Do you know top ten mistakes when building a computer?
06. Independent display is stronger than nuclear display

If it's a high-end independent display like GTX and RTX series, it's indeed better than main display, but some entry-level independent displays are much worse than main display. For example, HD530 from i5-7500 series is stronger than GT710. Of course, people usually either don't use a video card for an assembled machine, or go straight for a gaming video card, like a 1060, so there's no problem. Usually, this kind of argument is more common in laptops.

07. Big memory is better

Video memory is not a measure of quality of a graphics card. If it's same type of video card, it's better to have more video memory, but comparing video memory of different levels of video cards is pointless. In addition, video memory interface affects speed of video card, but speed of video card mainly depends on GPU chip, followed by core frequency and video memory, and finally bit depth. , it is unscientific to simply compare bit depth.

Do you know top ten mistakes when building a computer?
08. The bigger power supply, better

The power of power supply mainly depends on rated power. As a rule, rated power should not be too high. The power rating is only slightly higher than power of whole machine, which favors later upgrades. If it exceeds power required by host too much, load on power supply will be very large, low, resulting in lower power conversion efficiency, i.e. more power consumption.

09, i5 better than i3, i7 better than i5

Xiaobai is most likely to get confused because of numbers. According to processor under same brand model, new one is definitely better than old one, but different models depend on specific situation. For example, many commercial companies now like to buy obsolete I5 / i7 processors are sold , especially those e-commerce companies that sell complete machines If you only see that i7 is useless, you should be clear about what period product is, and avoid choosing older models.

10. Water cooling is stronger

The heat dissipation efficiency of water cooling is slightly better than air cooling, but it is a mistake to think that water cooling is better because of this. Water cooling also has low, medium, and high endpoints. It is stronger than 200 yuan water cooling.