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You use a keyboard every day, but do you know keyboard knowledge?


You use keyboards every day, but there are many types of keyboards. Do you know which one is better?

Existing keyboards can basically be divided into three categories: membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards, and non-contact electrostatic capacitive keyboards. Membrane keyboards are most common nowadays and are used by almost everyone and their market share can be as high as 90% or even higher; With rapid development of past two years, mechanical keyboards have become used by some high-end gamers. keyboards mainly use Cherry's MX series switches, but now some domestic manufacturers are also involved in mechanical switch research and development, but quality is not enough to compare with Cherry; latest non-contact electrostatic capacitive keyboard - a cloud in clouds Concept products are almost never used in China.

1. Membrane Keyboard

First, let's talk about membrane keyboard. The membrane keyboard is an example of category of membrane switches. A membrane switch with many buttons arranged in a specific order is commonly referred to as a membrane keyboard. The membrane keyboard is an operating system that combines design and functionality into one that has become popular in world in recent years. It consists of four parts: panel, upper contour, insulating layer and lower contour. The membrane keyboard has a beautiful and novel appearance, small size, light weight and strong seal. It has characteristics of moisture resistance, dust resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, shock resistance and long service life. Membrane keyboard is just a general term, there are many “schools” under it, most common is high keycap + membrane, and there are flat keycap + membrane and flat keycap + scissor design + membrane. Of course, different types of membrane keyboards also have different feel, and we will introduce you to them one by one.

1. High cap + foil

You use a keyboard every day, but do you know keyboard knowledge?

This is most common high hat keyboard.

2. Flat lid+film

You use a keyboard every day, but do you know keyboard knowledge?

The keycaps are flat and not as tall.

3. Flat lid+scissors+film

You use a keyboard every day, but do you know keyboard knowledge?

Many laptops have keyboards with this layout.

A characteristic of scissor feel is that pressure and rebound curves are very close, and there won't be much drop compared to traditional films. The feeling of scissors is generally higher than that of traditional films. Of course, different people may feel differently. This is just a general feeling.

Second mechanical keyboard

The second is a mechanical keyboard, a mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard, in terms of structure, each key of a mechanical keyboard has a separate switch (that is, a switch) to control circuit. This switch is also called "axis".According to Micro switch classifications, mechanical keyboards can be divided into brown switches, green switches, black switches and red switches. Precisely because each button is made up of independent micro-movements, so button has a strong paragraph feel, which creates a special feel suitable for gaming entertainment, so it is usually used as an ideal device for relatively expensive high-end. gaming peripherals and programmers. Although modern mechanical keyboards have different brands, mainly mechanical key switches are made by Cherry, Germany, have two series - MX and ML, with MX being main one. In addition, there are simple Japanese ALPS switches, simple Taiwan ALPS switches, white Taiwan switches, etc., but number is very small.

Cherry MX series mechanical switches are divided into black switches, white switches, brown switches, green switches, red switches, etc. according to color. Switches of different colors have different characteristics, such as black switch is meaningless, pressure is greater, noise is less, and service life is longer. Compared with any membrane keyboard, mechanical keyboard feels better and has a longer lifespan, but price is much more expensive than membrane keyboard, even if price has dropped in past two years, it remains same. Below is a detailed description of several axes:

Black axis

Pressure in grams: 80

Trigger: 1.5 mm

Feature: no paragraph meaning

Life: 50-60 million times

You use a keyboard every day, but do you know keyboard knowledge?

The black switch is most powerful of four main switches and is considered most original and cleanest mechanical switch. When you are in a tough gaming environment, you can react quickly by pressing your fingers on keyboard. It is very important for gamers to react to a step ahead of opponent, even if it is only a few tenths of a second. Of course, typing and daily apps are good too. However, friends who are just starting out may feel that strength is too great and finger muscles are tense. Once you get used to black axis, then any other axis will no longer have difficulty. This is first choice for beginners.

Green axis

Pressure in grams: 60

Trigger: 2.4mm

Features: paragraph meaning and legibility

Life: 20 million times

You use a keyboard every day, but do you know keyboard knowledge?

Green switch is most flirtatious switch, sound is clear like a paddle switch, button only works when there is a sound, so it's very pleasant when typing, whether it's with your fingertips or psychologically, especially suitable for working text. But it cannot be denied that noise is too loud and many environments are not suitable, such as a quiet office that can easily influence others.

Tea tree

Pressure in grams: 60

Trigger: 2.0 mm

Features: meaning of paragraphs is relatively obtuse

Life: 50 million times

You use a keyboard every day, but do you know keyboard knowledge?

The most versatile tea switch has meaning of a paragraph, but is not as ostentatious as green switch. The finger feels very comfortable and force is moderate. It is suitable for various environments. The most promising advanced switch is good for both games and big characters. But not everyone likes this dull multi-segment feel, it's better to experience it before buying.

Red axis

Pressure in grams: 40

Trigger: 2.0 mm

Feature: no paragraph meaning

Life: 50 million times

You use a keyboard every day, but do you know keyboard knowledge?

The red switch has less power, as does plastic part of black switch. This is a controversial switch, because force is too small, some users may accidentally touch keyboard, and its cost is highest among all switches, so many consider it a failure, and its overseas sales are not high. ideal. However, many domestic players have given positive feedback. With right fit, users can feel smooth as silk, whether it's gaming, typing or other applications, but price is a little higher.

White axis

Trigger travel 2.2mm, pressure 100g, number of pulls 20 million times, feel like a paragraph that doesn't seem to be made anymore.

When I first encountered mechanical keyboards, I saw that many people idolized them and even completely abandoned most mainstream membrane structure, which is not really needed. Keep in mind that mechanical keyboards are actually very old. It was widely used as early as 1980s. So mechanical keyboard is actually very old, expensive, relatively difficult to manufacture and makes a lot of noise, it's a bit like comparing electronic and mechanical watches.

So, these four switches have their own characteristics. Among them, black switch and green switch are especially suitable for friends who are new to mechanical keyboards. Red switch and brown switch can be regarded as advanced products. As for choice, it depends on personal habits, how to adapt to mechanical keyboard, of course, if you have conditions, you can try it before buying.

3. Non-contact static capacitive keyboard

Finally, let's talk about non-contact electrostatic capacitive keyboard, which can be called floating clouds. The biggest feature of this type of keyboard is that pressure required is low. Regular membrane keyboards weigh about 50-60g, but it only takes 30g and 45g (different grams of pressure are for different fingers), and 55g of ESC keys are reserved to prevent accidental pressing. And user does not need to fully press button as long as 1mm keyboard can feel operation. The feeling is very outstanding, but there are very few products, and price is extremely high, so that domestic players basically do not have to think about it.