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What to do if water gets on laptop keyboard? Emergency water purification method for laptops


What should I do if my laptop keyboard gets wet? Sometimes we often accidentally splash something on laptop keyboard, causing water to enter laptop, so how to deal with this at this time so that laptop is not damaged? Here are some emergency response methods.

What to do if water gets on laptop keyboard? Emergency water purification method for laptops
Emergency Method:

1. Turn off laptop immediately. If water gets into laptop during use, first thing to do is turn off power. Because when laptop is flooded, you have no way to confirm with naked eye where liquid has entered? And whether it got into certain parts of motherboard inside computer. Therefore, when computer is flooded, first thing to do is turn off power! First, press and hold power switch to force shutdown device.

2. Don't forget to turn off external power supply.

3. After shutdown, disconnect external power supply. This is very important, as careless handling can lead to electric shock, so you must turn off external power supply as soon as possible. In addition, to avoid accidents during post-processing, laptop battery can be removed at same time.

4. Disassemble external devices first. After working with power supply, disconnect all external devices, including mouse, external network cable, SSD, external hard drive or USB, etc. If possible, also remove hard drive and optical drive that store valuable data.

5. Turn laptop over and air dry it. Then place laptop upside down on a table to allow liquids such as drinks or water to flow out. This can prevent liquid from entering computer. During this time, you can also use "cold air" of an electric fan or hair dryer to blow through inside of laptop to speed up drying.

6. However, remember to use cold air to avoid further damage to computer's internal circuit board by hot air from hair dryer. Let computer dry for several hours.

7. The remaining liquid should be wiped clean. After pouring any remaining liquid into computer, be sure to wipe off any water stains on surface, including keyboard and screen. If spilled liquid is a sweet drink, wipe it up thoroughly.

8. Don't miss chance to send for maintenance! Also, laptop water splash repair golden time is only one day, so after doing above emergency actions, take advantage of repair golden time and send it back to factory for repair.