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What to do if laptop video card is broken?


Nowadays, many people are used to taking laptops with them when they go to work, but for those who are not knowledgeable about electronic products, sometimes there is a problem with laptop and they do not know reason. For example, how to judge when laptop graphics card is broken? The following editor will give you a specific introduction.

What to do if laptop video card is broken?

How do you know if your laptop graphics card is broken?

1. There is no image when loading.

2. Wrong display color.

3. Failure.

4. Blurred screen appears in windows98. I can't read handwriting.

5. Text appears in windows. Screen display is incomplete.

6. Anomalous vertical lines or small irregular patterns appear in windows

7. The video card driver is loaded. The driver is automatically lost after running for a certain period of time

8. At startup, garbled characters appear on screen.

Can I replace my laptop's graphics card?

Only laptops with a graphics card with an MXM slot can replace graphics card.

The theory is that a discrete graphics card can be replaced, but reality is that there are very few laptops that can replace a discrete graphics card, and generally, few people will dare to replace a discrete graphics card. Why do you say that? First, it's because only graphics cards of discrete graphics laptops with MXM slot specifications can be replaced, and such laptops are generally mid-range and high-end gaming laptops, so performance was relatively high. at time of purchase.After several years, laptop is relatively old, and processor is very old, and independent graphics card is upgraded separately, and performance of laptop is also limited by processor starts to age, so performance of upgrade is not obvious, and it is problematic to replace graphics card in laptop. The cost is high, therefore, playability of update is low.

Removable MXM graphics card for laptop

Removable laptop independent display uses a specification called MXM interface, which is different from desktop interface. However, use of this card slot inevitably increases cost of laptop motherboard, increases its thickness and weight, and a completely independent graphics card also increases laptop's power consumption.

The MXM interface, or Mobile PCI Express Module, is a set of device interfaces based on PCI-Express interface for GPUs. It is positioned in various types of laptops and is developed by nVidia and many laptop manufacturers. It is jointly developed and uses a PCI-Express compliant communication protocol, so it can be used in all graphics cores that support PCI-Express specifications and chipsets that support PCI-Express graphics interfaces. This not only shortens product development cycle. , but also allows manufacturers to offer different levels of MXM graphics cards for different user needs, and users can upgrade MXM graphics cards themselves in future without replacing entire laptop.

Normally, a laptop graphics card is soldered to motherboard and cannot be replaced.

For regular laptopswith discrete graphics, graphics card is welded directly to motherboard. We generally say that discrete graphics card cannot be replaced in this part of laptop because even replacing it is quite a hassle. Due to large number of solder points, it is easy to damage video card by short circuit due to improper operation. Therefore, video card chip is welded to motherboard and cannot be replaced. Only video card with MXM slot can be easily replaced separately.