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What to do if video card fan is not working


What should I do if graphics card fan is not spinning? Recently, when using a desktop computer, some users suddenly found that video card fan is not spinning, what's matter? How to solve problem that video card fan is not spinning? See details below.

What to do if video card fan is not working

Check why graphics card fan is not spinning:

1. Check CPU fan and connection, and then use replacement method to troubleshoot power supply. If computer can start, generally speaking, probability of a power failure is very small. At this time, CPU fan does not rotate, which may be due to influence of automatic temperature control.

2. On some IBM machines, fan will spin first, then automatically stop after a few seconds, and start spinning again after a certain period of time due to an increase in CPU temperature. If it turns on when turned on, but then does not turn on, and there is too much dust on fan, clean it from dust and add oil to bearing.

3.If there is little dust, then problem is in power circuit or fan itself. Try to borrow a fan. If it is normal, then your fan is broken, then change it. There must be a problem with contacts on motherboard.

4. Pull out video card and check if fan is spinning after installing it. If it does not spin, then problem is in video card with fan power. It's better to take it to service center. It can also be on motherboard, and it can also be connected to power supply.

What to do if video card fan is not working

What should I do if graphics card fan is not spinning?

1. Clean dust off fan first to prevent dust from getting into bearing during installation. Remove bearing seal sticker and remove bayonet from shaft.

2. Wipe off any remaining oil in bearing with a clean cloth or soft cloth, and then also wipe shaft. Add some oil to bearing, in principle less than too much, so as not to greatly affect speed.

3. Cut off aluminum shell of can and cut a disc size of outside diameter of bearing pin, dig a small hole in middle that can go through shaft and place it between bearing. and pin between, reduce distance of bearing axial movement and parallel movement. If clearance is large, it is necessary to lay several thickenings so that forward and backward travel distance of bearing is less than 0.5mm.

4. Close gland, add some oil and finally put fan back into graphics card. Plug it in and try it, you will find that sound is much lower, and in this way it can be used for at least 2 years. But be reminded that although sound is quieter, speed will slow down a bit due to limited manual precision.

What to do if video card fan is not working

GPU fan cooling precautions:

With development of video card display chip technology, there are more and more transistors inside display chip, and level of integration is getting higher and higher. As a result, heat generated by chip becomes larger and larger, so problem of heat dissipation also becomes more prominent.

If quality of graphics card cooling fan is not satisfactory, you need to replace fan. When buying a new graphics card fan, it's best to take it with you and buy a suitable graphics card fan.

Since fan is mostly fixed with spring clips or screws, we can easily remove it with a screwdriver and tweezers and unplug power connector it's plugged into. When replacing, first clean original heat-conductive silicone grease on chip, and then apply heat-conductive silicone grease, install new fan and fix it as it is, and connect power connector.

GPUs that use heat pipes to dissipate heat take up more space than those that use cooling fans, so special care should be taken when installing these graphics cards. In addition, graphics card's video memory also needs to dissipate heat. We can use self-adhesive silicone grease on existing particles to stick and fix heatsink.