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What to do if video card fan is loud? Solving problem of strong noise of cooling fan of video card


CPU heatsink fans make a lot of noise, so how do you fix noisy graphics card cooling fans? In fact, methods are almost same. Let me introduce you solution to problem of high noise of video card cooling fan.

What to do if video card fan is loud? Solving problem of strong noise of cooling fan of video card

1. Clean main cooling area of ​​the computer. Cleaning computer from dust can effectively reduce heat generated by computer, thereby reducing frequency of using graphics card fan to achieve noise reduction effect. Since design of each computer is different, design of each air outlet and graphics card fan is also in a different position, so we need to clean it according to our own computer.

2. A lot of dust has accumulated at air outlet. It is best to remove radiator and clean it. However, re-applying silicone grease to CPU and chipset is problematic, and some machines aren't yet. This removal will void warranty, so we can use a brush to gently remove coarse dust and then use a blower to blow dust off surface a few times.

3. When buying a video card, we can also pay attention to diameter of video card cooling fan. Now, many brands of video cards use a heatsink design that is larger than height of a conventional video card, and can be equipped with a larger diameter cooling fan. These video cards will definitely have lower noise.

4. Some computers have a one-button mute feature. When computer is in a high load state, fan speed of graphics card is very high and noise is very loud. With keyboard shortcuts or some accompanying software, fan speed can be instantly reduced to achieve purpose of mute. Of course, CPU frequency at this time will inevitably increase, degrade, and performance will suffer.

5. You can first clean dust off graphics card fan, then add some oil to bearing, then close oil seal tightly, add some oil, and finally put fan back into graphics card. This can reduce noise of video card fan.