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What does a computer video card do? Good knowledge of video cards


The editor has previously written about graphics card knowledge, but they are all professional terms. I hope I can help you!

The CPU is equivalent to brain. We can compare a graphics card to an artist. The CPU (equivalent to concept of brain) first needs to tell graphics card what to draw, and then graphics card will draw one by one according to requirements of processor. Pictures, one by one, we can call it number of frames, and then monitor will play these pictures smoothly and at high speed, and we can see a coherent picture on monitor. A graphics card with good performance (a good draftsman) can draw more and better, making images we see on monitor smoother and clearer.

What does a computer video card do? Good knowledge of video cards

Scientific popularization of main parameters of video cards

Video memory:

Video memory is a temporary storage function for graphics card. The importance of video memory is not as important as architecture, stream processor, core clock, and video memory bandwidth. speculators to use point of sale of video memory to defraud Xiaobai. For example, a graphics card with GTX1060 3G video memory has only 3 GB of video memory, but its performance is undoubtedly higher than that of a graphics card with GTX1050Ti 4G video memory. More VRAM is certainly useful too, but it's not very important. Some large-scale games consume more VRAM. If there isn't enough VRAM, no matter how strong performance is, VRAM will explode. The video memory of a video card can be compared to a parking lot: if road in parking lot is not wide enough (bit width), then speed of car is not high enough (memory frequency), then parking capacity will be very small, even if parking lot is very large. (large video memory) is a waste of resources.

Video card architecture: newer better

The so-called architecture is technology used by graphics card. The newer graphics card architecture of each generation, more mature technology and more powerful processing power. New improvements have appeared on basis of automobile engines, which makes it more productive and more economical.

GPU stream processors: more is better

Whenever we see CUDA core in graphics card options, it is so-called graphics card stream processor, referred to as SP, which can also be called render tube, which is also one of important main graphics card options. The greater number of stream processors, more powerful and faster graphics card's ability to draw, which can be understood as drawing pictures by an old artist. (When comparing number of stream processors between graphics cards, it only makes sense to compare graphics cards of same generation.)

Core frequency: higher better

If core frequency is higher, performance of graphics card will undoubtedly be higher. If performance is high, power consumption will be higher. Conversely, if core frequency is low, performance will be lower. , and heat will naturally be less.

Memory bandwidth: memory bandwidth × memory frequency = memory bandwidth

The video memory bandwidth of a video card can be compared to road. The wider road, more cars can pass. The frequency of video memory can be compared to speed of a car. The higher video memory frequency, higher data transfer rate. Therefore, bit depth and frequency of video card have a greater impact on performance.

Scientific popularization of N Card and A Card video cards

I believe that manyUsers have heard of N card and A card. The so-called N card is a graphics card equipped with NVIDIA (NVIDIA) chips, and A card is a graphics card equipped with AMD chips. Currently N cards start with GT or GTX and A cards usually start with HD or R. HD are previous generation graphics cards and all new generation graphics cards start with R.

The market share of N-card is relatively high. The vast majority of established users choose N-card, there is also a market for A-card. Video cards of same level and price as N-card have higher specifications than N card. Thus, A card is more cost-effective.

What does a computer video card do? Good knowledge of video cards

How to evaluate quality of a video card?

The positioning of each graphics card model can be viewed on ladder diagram of graphics card. In addition, rules for naming video cards also have their own special meaning. We can also judge by model of a video card whether it is good or bad.

N rules for naming and meaning maps

Example: (MSI) GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

MSI is a trademark

GeForce: Nvidia core

1050: 10 means tenth generation graphics card; 5 means market is positioned as a mid-range graphics card, higher number, higher high-end graphics card; 0 means regular graphics card, if it is 5 it means upgraded version

Ti: means extended version, no Ti means non-extended version

Map naming conventions and their meaning

Example: RX 570

RX: indicates a series with a high rule

570: 5 means fifth generation; 7 means market position, higher number, more powerful graphics card; 0 means regular version, if there are other numbers like 5, it means upgraded version

Depending on graphics card chip model, first number usually represents generation and second number class of graphics card. The higher number, better and higher performance. You can't compare. between N cards and A cards.

Whether ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, GALAX or Sapphire, Dylan brand graphics cards are graphics chips provided by NVIDIA or AMD. This is due to differences in third-party brands, heat dissipation design and manufacturing materials, so price will vary, some versions may increase core frequency, and performance of video card with same chip will be better, but gap will not be very large.

Graphic card brand

About video card brand:

Recommended N card: Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Zotac, Yingzhong, Colorful, GALAX, etc.;

Recommended card: Sapphire, Dylan, etc.;

Professional graphics card offer: Leadtek;

Integrated display and independent display

Integrated Graphics Card: An integrated graphics card is a component that integrates and integrates display chip, video memory, and related circuits on motherboard; integrated graphics card display chip has a separate, but most of them are all integrated into motherboard northbridge chip; Some integrated graphics cards also have separate video memory installed on motherboard, but their capacity is small, display effect and performance of integrated graphics card is relatively weak, and graphics card cannot be upgraded for hardware. The integrated video card of old motherboard is built into motherboard, but now integrated video card is built into CPU, which is renamed to mainnew graphics card.

The advantages of integrated graphics cards are low power consumption, low heat dissipation, and some integrated graphics cards already have performance comparable to entry-level discrete graphics cards, so there is no need to spend extra money on buying discrete graphics cards. .

Disadvantages of integrated graphics: The performance is relatively poor, and display chip embedded in motherboard or CPU cannot be upgraded by itself.

Discrete graphics card. A discrete graphics card means that display chip, video memory, and related circuitry are separate on same printed circuit board and exist as an independent board. It must occupy Main Board Expanded Video Card Slot (PCI-E).

The advantages of an independent graphics card: it has a separate installed video memory, usually does not take up system memory, and is much more technologically advanced than integrated graphics card, it is convenient to upgrade, it can be freely selected and matched, and can be customized according to your needs.

Disadvantages of a standalone video card: increased power consumption, heat dissipation is also relatively high, you need to spend extra money to buy a video card, and it is not suitable for mini-cases.

Due to different performance of graphics cards, requirements for graphics cards also differ. Independent graphics cards are actually divided into two categories, one is entertainment graphics cards specially designed for gaming, and other is professional graphics cards for drawing. and 3D rendering. For beginners, it mainly refers to bright car card, which is in category of not games or drawing.