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What should I do if my laptop battery is not charging?


What should I do if my laptop battery is not charging? Recently, some users found that after connecting charger to laptop, computer does not charge, what's wrong? How to solve problem that charger cannot charge laptop battery? Below are specific solutions.

What should I do if my laptop battery is not charging?
Common faults:

1. Power adapter failure

A power adapter is a device connected to a computer, that is, a charger for a computer. Since laptop battery charging failure is caused by many power adapter failures, power adapter can be removed and replaced. If power adapter charges normally after replacement, it means that problem is with it. cannot be charged, other factors may need to be considered.

2. Computer battery failure

Computer battery failure will have obvious symptoms. For example, charging progress in computer menu is maintained at "100%", and after turning off and using power, battery capacity is maintained at "100%". , even if it is de-energized, it will also maintain this state. If battery is worn out, it is necessary to replace battery in time.

3. Motherboard failure

It is also very common for a battery to fail to charge due to a laptop motherboard failure. To determine if battery failure is caused by a motherboard failure, you can pay attention to charging situation. Sometimes battery can be charged, and sometimes it can not be charged intermittently. Motherboard failure is more complex and motherboard chip needs to be repaired or replaced.

4. Chain failure

The charging circuit and protective isolation circuit are usually faulty. In addition to slight damage to chip itself, damage to its peripheral circuits is also common. For example, Zener diodes, which are smaller than sesame seeds, do not have a circuit diagram and dot circuit in early maintenance work, and it takes quite a long time to fix such a malfunction. There is also a failure of EC itself and its peripheral circuits. The EC is upper circuit of charging IC, which is responsible for turning charging circuit on and off, so I will not go into details here.

Other crashes:

1. Check battery to make sure circuit is loose and connection is loose.

2. If line is OK, check if charger circuit board is broken and try another one.

3. If line is OK and charger is OK, printed circuit board inside computer may be faulty.

4. Typically, battery has been used for about 3 years and is mostly obsolete. Even if it is a lithium battery, you can go to a repair shop to have it checked.

5. As a rule, battery needs to be charged when it is used up to about 20%. Don't wait until 0 to charge, it will damage battery too much.