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The computer at home always has a blue screen, and you can fix it yourself!


The computer has a blue screen phenomenon 0x0000008E. When using computers, many such computer failures occur. I have experienced many blue screen 0x0000008E phenomena before. The editor will summarize some solutions for computer blue screen 0x0000008E.

The solution to blue screen error 0x0000008E is as follows:

The computer at home always has a blue screen, and you can fix it yourself!

1. When you see a computer blue screen 0x0000008E, most of them appear while using computer. If you experience this, please restart your computer first to check if this is normal. If this is normal, it may be caused by prolonged CPU usage and high memory temperatures, or a software incompatibility.

Second, if blue screen 0x0000008E still appears after a reboot, it could be caused by a bad contact on computer's memory card or other hardware.

Third, is problem solved? Try restarting your computer, keep pressing F8 to enter Safe Boot and look for Last Known Good Install.

1. If your computer has a Trojan horse or virus, please download "360 Security Guard" and "360 Antivirus Dual Engine Edition".

2. The "player", "chat program" or "IE browser" you downloaded is not stable or "the version is too old"! It is recommended to uninstall, download a new one, or update to "latest version".

3. You have installed two or more of same software (for example: two players, two QQ or several browsers, several anti-virus programs, etc.)! They are not "compatible" with each other, remove "extra".

4. In "Start" menu in lower left corner of computer, you can find "Powerful software removal on computer", find excess and remove it! After removing "power clean" (delete seeing, do not unload useful ones).

5. The computer takes too long to start up, processor memory overheats, heat sink is poor, video card and memory card are not inserted firmly. rubber or dry paper (fabric).

6. Download "360 First Aid Kit" formerly known as "360 Stubborn Trojan Killer" and launch "First Aid System".

7. If it doesn't work, "repair system" or "reinstall system".