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Have you ever changed laptop screen yourself?


I have changed memory card and hard drive, but I believe that many people never change laptop screen. As a general rule, when we change a screen, we only do so if original screen doesn't suit us. or screen is broken. What about laptop screen?

Have you ever changed laptop screen yourself?

Do you want to change?

Before you change screen, first consider whether you need it. If screen is broken, it must be replaced. If it's just for updating, then you need to think.

If your laptop has a low resolution screen, which is usual resolution of 1366 * 768, then you need to upgrade to 1080P. If it is a TN screen with 45% NTSC color gamut, it really needs to be changed. IPS screen with 72% NTSC color gamut, because color effect of TN screen is very bad.

But if your laptop already has a 1080P IPS screen with 72% NTSC color gamut and you just want to upgrade to a 2K or 4K screen or a high refresh rate screen, you should consider this. First of all, high resolution and high refresh rate must be combined with high performance hardware. If you only have a thin and light laptop or budget gaming laptop with GTX1050 (Ti) graphics card, a high resolution high refresh rate screen is not recommended. no, experience is not good and resolution is very high, but most laptop screens are between 13 and 17 inches, so text is very small. What's more, playing games on low end laptops with high 1080P effects is already limit, let alone 2K or 4K.

Have you ever changed laptop screen yourself?

Can you change screen?

If you want to change screen of your laptop, you must be able to change it. Today's laptops have two screen styles, one is a common screw and buckle design, which is easy to disassemble, but in recent years, narrow bezel screens are popular, it is very difficult to disassemble because bezel is too narrow, so it may be bent or in event of a breakdown, it is not recommended to change screen of this narrow-frame laptop yourself.

In addition, laptop screen has two interfaces, one is old LVDS and other is new eDP. Currently, both are eDP interfaces, so screen needs to be changed for new computers. Laptops with LVDS interfaces For a long time, from 2013 and earlier, there is no need to change screen of this type of laptop.

Have you ever changed laptop screen yourself?

To know specific parameters of screen panel, you can download AIDA64 software, inquire model of screen panel, and then inquire model from Panelook.com, you can know detailed parameters. screen. If model displayed on AIDA64 cannot be checked. You can also disassemble machine. There will be a barcode on the screen panel, as well as a model number on it, which can generally be recognized.

After requesting information from Panelook.com, items to consider include screen size, appearance (thickness), and interface type (eDP, 30-pin, 40-pin, single-channel, dual-channel).

Have you ever changed laptop screen yourself?

Going to a screen with a better color at same resolution usually doesn't cause compatibility issues. However, if you upgrade to a higher resolution or refresh rate, compatibility issues may occur.

The compatibility issue is mainly related to screen cable. The 30 pin shield cable interface is smaller than 40 pin interface. If you replace screen with a 40-pin screen cable, motherboard may not support it and this is very problematic. change interface on motherboard, so when you change screen, 30-pin or 40-pin, single-channel or dual-channel is best left same as original one.

Have you ever changed laptop screen yourself?

Summarizing, narrow bezel does not change screen, 72% color gamut compatibility is no problem when refreshing from 1080P, most low resolutions refresh to 1080P without issue, and 2K, 4K or 144Hz refresh. from 1080P compatibility can be problematic.

How to change

How to change screen is not clear here, because laptops are different, places to pay attention to or way to disassemble machine may be different, here is a brief introduction to general points.

Have you ever changed laptop screen yourself?

Remember to turn off power first. When disassembling a computer, if there are screws, be sure to remove all screws, because some laptops may have hidden screws, such as hidden under a gasket on a laptop screen, and you need to remove gasket to see it.

Have you ever changed laptop screen yourself?

When removing a buckle or sticker, use a small card to lift it up little by little. Do not break it with your hands, it is easy to damage frame and buckle.

When disassembling screen, you only need to unscrew screws that secure screen. It is not necessary to move screws on screen structure unless it will affect disassembly of screen. Do not pull screen when removing it, because screen cable is connected to back of screen, you must tear off screen cable sticker, open buckle, and then remove screen cable, and finally remove screen.

As for installation method, you can install it in any way you like.