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Causes and Solutions for Laptop Cooling Fan Not Spinning


If laptop cooling fan does not rotate, it will seriously affect operation of laptop, so how to solve laptop cooling fan not rotating problem? Recently, a user's laptop cooling fan stopped working. Let me share with you reasons and solutions for laptop cooling fan not working.

Causes and Solutions for Laptop Cooling Fan Not Spinning

One of downsides is that our computer's fan still doesn't start to cool when our computer's temperature is very high, it only turns on when we turn it on. The reason is that computer cooling fan is mainly used to cool cup of computer, and not only one cup on back of computer is heated, but other accessories such as computer's hard disk may overheat. video card, motherboard, etc. Here is a way to check if there is a problem with cooling fan, that is, open a large-scale game that requires a high processor, if cooling fan still does not work, then this is fault of fan itself.

Problem 2: The more laptop is used, slower it becomes, and problems such as crashing and rebooting occur for no reason. The case temperature is too high and sound of cooling fan is not audible. . The reason may be that laptop cooling fan did not meet standard when it was installed, and installation was unqualified, so cooling fan could not work normally. We can remove laptop cooling fan and reinstall it.

Error 3: The computer can start normally, but after some time it shuts down and needs to wait a while before it can continue to boot. The cause may be presence of foreign objects obstructing passage of cooling fan or fan duct. Therefore, temperature of computer's CPU is too high, and self-protection is activated, causing computer to turn off automatically. At this time, we will disassemble notebook and clean it of foreign objects.

Fourth fault: CPU cooling fan turns on and off. But temperature of computer itself is relatively high. The reason is that temperature of laptop processor has not yet reached temperature at which cooling fan operates. Typically, a laptop's cooling fan only works when temperatures are above 70 degrees Celsius.