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Causes and Solutions for Left Mouse Button Unresponsive or Insensitive


What to do if left mouse button is not sensitive? After user's mouse has been used for a long time, there will be a problem that left button click is unresponsive or insensitive, so how to solve it? What is reason for insensitivity of left mouse button? See introduction below.

Causes and Solutions for Left Mouse Button Unresponsive or Insensitive
Reason 1: The system is too busy to respond

When we use a computer, computer system cannot respond because computer system is busy. This problem may be due to fact that system has been installed for too long or too much software has been installed, registry is too large and there is too much garbage, or disk has not been defragmented for a long time, or several programs have been installed with an additional context menu, or antivirus software settings too conservative, solution may be to try to optimize computer system.

The problem may also be related to some system services, such as file system, which causes system lag. Many users would like to maximize system speed and disable certain mouse services.

Reason 2: The mouse cable and hard drive may be defective

Some friends use mouse for a long time, and sometimes pulling too hard on mouse cable results in one or more of four mouse wires breaking or a bad connection. Of course, this is due to everyone's usage habits, and places that are often pulled or folded are easy to break. This is generally a hardware failure of mouse. It can be disassembled to see if there is a bad contact. After repair, everything is usually fine.

If right mouse button does not respond, it may be a problem with hard drive. This may be caused by too many hard disk fragments. This may be due to virtual memory causing hard drive to read. Of course, in such a situation, response will be very slow. Use chkdsk command. When clearing fragments, if you find a file with a lot of fragments, move it to another drive and then move it back after sorting. This is efficient and fast. The solution is usually to restart your computer and error will go away.

Mouse notes:

1. A mouse is a device that manually controls position of cursor. It is best not to use mouse on poorly finished surfaces such as clothing, newspapers, carpets, and rough wood.

2. The mouse connects to interface on back of host device using a mouse cable. Insert plug on end of mouse cable vertically into interface on back of device. Do not touch mouse to avoid bad mouse contact.

3. By controlling mouse, you can determine position of cursor, select a menu item to launch from menu bar, move and copy files between different directories, and speed up file transfer. moved to box.

4. You can define mouse buttons such as selecting or deselecting objects. These functions depend on software being used. Do not use mouse in high temperature and strong light, and do not put mouse in liquid.