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Causes and Solutions of Blurred Computer Monitor Screen


What should I do if my computer screen is blurry? What causes a computer screen to dim? This article will introduce causes and ways to fix computer monitor screen blur.

Causes and Solutions of Blurred Computer Monitor Screen
line failure

If computer screen is constantly shaking with intermittent dimming, this problem is often due to a circuit failure, especially poor circuit contact is most likely causing this phenomenon. Therefore, user should carefully check whether interface between power cord and display is securely connected and whether power cord is damaged.

The data cable connecting host computer and display has quality problems or poor contact

Sometimes connector on data cable loosens or stretches too much when moving computer desk or computer, resulting in a poor connection and smearing of screen. To do this, reconnect data cable

quality problem

Due to graphics card quality issues, main cause of blurry images on a computer screen. In this regard, on one hand, check if video card is firmly inserted in computer case. At same time, dust inside case should be cleaned from time to time so that computer can work in dust. - most free environment.

The video card driver was not installed correctly

If graphics card driver is installed incorrectly, it usually results in abnormal color on entire screen, as well as very low screen resolution. At same time, it will shake when you drag window. To do this, you need to update and install latest graphics card driver, which may fix problem.

Wrong software settings

It mostly happens when some software is not working properly, or screen resolution is reduced due to incorrect settings, refresh rate is slow, etc., or when screen condition is abnormal. Since performance of some graphic cards is not particularly fast, it will result in a black screen and blurry screen when set to a higher resolution, so it is very important to set the appropriate resolution.