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Causes and Solutions for Seven Computer Blue Screens


There are many causes of a computer blue screen, such as a computer blue screen caused by overclocking computer, a bad memory card contact or memory corruption resulting in a computer blue screen, a computer blue screen caused by a hard drive failure, and a computer blue screen caused by incompatibility of installed software, etc. This article will introduce and analyze causes and solutions of computer blue screen phenomenon one by one.

Causes and Solutions for Seven Computer Blue Screens

1. Excessive overclocking of computer causes a blue screen

The cause of blue screen phenomenon can be explained from two sides: soft and hard. From a hardware point of view, overclocking is main cause of blue screens. Overclocking due to overloaded calculations causes too many internal calculations, overheats CPU, and causes system calculation errors. If you want to overclock without a blue screen, you need to take measures to dissipate heat, it is much better to replace a powerful fan and add some heat dissipating materials such as silica gel. Also, an appropriate amount of overclocking or no overclocking at all is also one of solutions. Whether you want stability or higher speed depends on your choice. However, for most friends, overclocking operations are usually not performed, so this is not practical for most friends.

Secondly, bad contact of memory card or memory corruption leads to a blue screen of computer

In real work, most common occurrence of a computer blue screen is a bad memory card contact (mainly due to too much dust inside computer, which is often found in older computers) and a computer blue screen. caused by hard drive failure. Of course, if computer's memory card fails, computer's blue screen will also appear.


Since most blue screen crashes caused by memory are caused by too much internal dust or poor contact, solution is also very simple: you only need to open computer case, pull out memory card, clean slot and wipe it. Clean golden finger of memory card and put it back, whole problem can be solved. If problem persists, it is determined that memory is bad and problem can be solved by replacing memory module.

Third, a hard drive failure caused a computer blue screen

Hard drive problems often result in computer blue screens, such as bad sectors on a hard drive, and errors while reading data from a computer result in blue screens because hard drives, like memory, perform some data access operations. If accessing/reading system bad sectors in area where file is located will also cause system to not be able to work normally, will cause system to crash and cause computer to blue screen.


Check for bad sectors on your hard drive. If your hard drive has many bad sectors, it is recommended that you back up your data and replace hard drive. If there are relatively few bad ones, it is recommended to back up data and reformat disk partition. Friends who understand computer hard drives can also isolate bad area of ​​the hard disk for work. Then reinstall system to resolve issue.to him.

Fourthly, installed software is incompatible and causes a blue screen on computer

If computer starts working well and blue screen of computer often appears shortly after installing certain software one day, most of these problems are caused by software incompatibilities, but such computer software incompatibilities are usually rare. .


If you are sure that your computer is working properly before you start, but after installing certain software you often get a blue screen of your computer, you can try to uninstall software that was installed later. If problem is resolved, blue screen of computer is usually caused by a software incompatibility. If this is not resolved, blue screen of computer may be due to other causes.

5. Blue screen computer crash caused by a computer virus

Computer viruses can also be related to "how to solve a computer blue screen" problem. Nowadays, more and more types of viruses and Trojan horses appear, and there are various ways of transmission. System resource exhaustion can also cause blue screen phenomenon, so if you find a computer blue screen, please consider if you have used some bad software and downloaded some programs from unwanted websites to run.


The computer has been detected to have a blue screen phenomenon. You can perform anti-virus operations after you restart your computer next time. It is recommended that you use your current mainstream antivirus software to detect and destroy it. If you encounter a malicious virus, it is recommended to restore system or reinstall system.

6. Computer temperature too high and blue screen

The high temperature of computer's internal hardware is also a common cause of computer's blue screen phenomenon. This situation most often occurs during hot summers when CPU temperature is too high. If internal temperature is very high, it may be caused by overheating. If temperature is too high, CPU, graphics card, and hard drive are important references.


The computer has been detected to have a blue screen and internal temperature of computer is very high. At this time, temperature of equipment can be determined. Computer hardware temperature detection method: If you find that temperature of processor, graphics card or hard disk is particularly high, then computer is probably caused by poor heat dissipation. Blue screen, solution if this is caused by temperature of processor or graphics card, then turn on computer and check do they work normallyCPU fan and graphics card fan. If this is normal, it is recommended to strengthen heat dissipation from host, such as adding heat dissipation from case, etc. If temperature of hard disk drive is too high, hard disk may have failed. , needs to be replaced.

Seven, computer blue screen due to other causes

Other causes, such as computer power failure, resulting in abnormal power, frequent crashes, etc., and computer hardware incompatibility, are most commonly encountered in newly purchased assembled computers. Searching for relevant hardware information on Internet, buying an assembled computer actually chooses a balanced and compatible hardware configuration. In short, there are many causes of blue screen computer crashes. Above are some of most common causes and solutions.

Remedy for blue screen computer problem:

The method to resolve a blue screen computer crash is same as most computer crash methods. Basically, it consists in analyzing and solving problem based on above possible reasons for failure. The general method is to troubleshoot software first and then Hardware. Here is general idea, namely: The cause of blue screen computer failure is not obvious. First, check that temperature of computer hardware is normal. Clean dust inside host computer, especially memory card. If problem persists, use antivirus software to scan entire computer. If software method solves problem No, you can try to find out if it is a hardware failure, such as a memory module, or a problem with hard drive .