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We talk about basics of choosing a laptop


Before buying a laptop, it's important to get a basic knowledge of hardware! Otherwise, those who have been fooled may think that they have made a lot of money. As for purchase of laptops, we need to focus on following indicators in terms of hardware:

One, CPU

The CPU is brain of computer, and its main task is calculations. The speed of code execution is directly determined by CPU. Others need 1 hour to process big data, while you may only need 30 minutes!

1. CPU brand classification

Currently, main processor manufacturers on market are Intel (Intel) and AMD (known as massage parlors). Intel's market share is relatively high, almost monopolizing entire market, but AMD has been gradually growing in recent years.

We talk about basics of choosing a laptop

The Intel laptop processor belongs to Core series, latest of which is 11th generation Core processor using a 10nm process, common models are: i5-11300H, i5-11400H, i5-11800H , i7-10750H. , i7-10870H, i7-1165G7

AMD notebook processors belong to Ryzen series, and latest is Ryzen 5000 processor, which is manufactured using 7nm process. Common models: R5-5600U, R5-5600H, R7-5800H.

2. Explanation of meaning of CPU model:

The Intel (Intel) Core series is divided into i3 (initial), i5 (basic), i7 (high), i9 (flagship).

For example: i7-11300H, where: "11" is 11th generation product, "300" is 11th generation model 300, and "H" is standard voltage.

The AMD Ryzen processor series are common laptop models: R5 (mainstream), R7 (high performance).

For example: R7-5800U, "R" means Ryzen series processor, "7" means processor level, "5" means algebra, generally, higher number, newer processor package. processor, "800" This is 5th generation 800 model, higher number, higher performance, and "U" means low voltage version.

How to easily and quickly determine which processor has best performance? As a general rule, you can see from numerical value of model that higher overall score, larger algebra, larger numerical value of model, better performance!

3. Overall CPU performance ratingLadder diagram, just check number

We talk about basics of choosing a laptop

4. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of Intel and AMD:

  • 1) Cost and Efficiency: AMD is better than Intel
  • 2) Stability: Intel is better than AMD
  • 3) Software compatibility: Intel is better than AMD
  • 4) Multi-threaded parallelism: AMD is better than Intel
  • If you have enough funds, select Intel directly, you can directly ignore AMD

    Second, GPU

    1. Brand classification

    There are two main brands of graphics cards: NVIDIA and AMD.

    The main function of a graphics card is to perform graphics output function of a computer, which is divided into discrete graphics card, integrated graphics card and main display.

    We talk about basics of choosing a laptop

    2. Efficiency comparison

    Discrete Graphics > Integrated Graphics ≈ Basic Graphics

    1) Independent graphics card: refers to a graphics card that exists as an independent board and can be freely connected to graphics card interface motherboard (the discrete graphics card is divided into an integrated independent graphics card and an external video card). The discrete graphics cardhas a separate video memory (main 2G or 4G), does not take up system memory, and is technically superior to integrated graphics card, which can provide better display effect and Performance. As an important part of a computer, graphics card is very important for those who love to play games and do professional graphic design.

    2) Integrated graphics card: usually does not have video memory, but uses part of system's main memory as video memory, and specific amount is usually automatically and dynamically adjusted by system. according to needs. Obviously, if integrated graphics card requires a lot of memory space, impact on entire system will be more obvious. In addition, system memory frequency is usually much lower than that of a discrete graphics card, so performance of an integrated graphics card is better than that of a discrete graphics card, discrete graphics cards are inferior.

    3) Central display: Compared with built-in display, performance of nuclear display is now almost same. The original integrated graphics card was built on northbridge. Later AMD and Intel integrated graphics card into CPU, that is, a nuclear display.

    3. Choose according to your needs

    The performance of independent graphics card is generally higher than that of integrated graphics card and main display, and choice usually looks like this:

    [Everyday office, movie and TV entertainment, pay attention to battery life]: choose integrated graphics card or main display

    [Want to play 3A games, draw in CAD, 3D modeling, create animation, create products]: choose independent graphics card 4, model comparison

    The discrete laptop graphics card mainly uses products developed by Nvidia, and there are three series: MX series (low), GTX series (mid) and RTX series (high).

    MX series refers to entry-level quasi-gaming graphics cards (represents MX450), GTX series (represents GTX1060) refers to entry-level gaming notebook standard configuration, and RTX series