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Xiaobai installer how to choose a monitor, knowledge on choosing a monitor


As we all know, apart from main computer hardware, most important element of a computer is display. A good display can give us a better visual experience as well as improve work efficiency. If you want to buy a monitor, you must first understand various monitor options such as aspect ratio, size, refresh rate, and resolution.

Xiaobai installer how to choose a monitor, knowledge on choosing a monitor
Display scale

Aspect ratio can be an issue that many people consider. Three types of screen aspect ratio are currently popular: 16:9, 16:10, and 21:9, but 16:9 is most current mainstream and 21:9 displays belongs to an ultra-wide screen called a ponytail screen. We can see that 21:9 aspect ratio display is slightly wider than normal ratio, so you can get a wider viewing angle when playing games, and it's more convenient for multi-window tasks.

Display panel material

TN screen: fast response time is an advantage. In past, TN screen was just a normal soft screen, and when you press it with your hands, you can create water ripples. It is one of first LCD panels and is also widely used at present because its technology is mature and cost is low. The TN screen has a fast response speed, which can reach a response time of 1ms, and there will be no afterimage. Screens using this material are commonly used as professional gaming screens. Due to their fast response, TN screens can display rapidly changing scene details without loss.

IPS screen: wide viewing angle, good color reproduction, IPS screen panel is relatively hard, lightly touch screen with your fingers, image is not deformed. IPS screens are much better than TN panels in color reproduction and viewing angles. They also have outstanding performance in color range and accuracy. Wide viewing angles are original advantages of IPS panels. Color cast will appear. Most of professional imaging related screens these days use IPS panels. Apple also offers IPS screens for promotion. For Mac users, IPS screens are a good choice.

VA Screen: High contrast, VA panel is also a soft screen. If you lightly touch panel with your finger, VA panel will display a plum pattern, while TN panel will show water ripples. A VA panel is a type of panel that is widely used in mid-range and high-end LCDs. Companies such as Fujitsu, Samsung, Chi Mei Electronics, and AU Optronics have adopted this panel technology. The VA screen is characterized by higher latitude and contrast, which can reach a high contrast ratio of 3000:1. The black and white of screen is more pure, and there will be no problems such as light leakage.

Response time:

Output response speed, time it takes liquid crystal particles to change from dark to bright, if time is too long, there will be more blur. The shorter grayscale response time, better.

Xiaobai installer how to choose a monitor, knowledge on choosing a monitor

Update frequency:

The number of times monitor refreshes image per second. The main monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz. The higher refresh rate in games, more stable and smooth image will be. And now main gaming display can have a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz, throwing off blur of fast turns of game, but a high refresh rate has certain requirements for video card.


The current native resolution is 1920*1080 (1080P). If you like high definition, you may want to consider 2K and 4K.

In terms of display selection, we recommend that you select E-IPS display for businesses, AH-IPS display for home users, and S-IPS display for cartographers. Since display effect of TN panel is very poor, it is recommended not to select it. Also, curved screens, which are not regular displays, are a matter of personal choice.